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Tamy Tamy

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Graduated from AUB with a Bachelor degree of Computer and Communications Engineering.

the_end the_end

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20 success stories

 It took a lot of late nights but I managed to graduate with honors while juggling a full time job and a full course load. 

JGartner JGartner

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34 success stories

 From an Ivy no less!

watashiannadesu watashiannadesu

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27 completed goals

39 success stories

 I graduated from Saint Louis University School of Nursing last March. College has its ups and downs but I don't regret anything that has happened.

TianaW TianaW

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298 success stories

Bachelors of Science Degree 🙌 

Sirrodhan Sirrodhan

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7 success stories

I did it!! I really did it!! I am very happy with the result as it is one of those cycles that I had to close forever. I want to thank my friends, parents and teachers for giving me the tools and courage to finish this fight.

Nasu Nasu

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30 completed goals

14 success stories

Was hard work but got my masters degree!  

kateflorian kateflorian

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21 completed goals

54 success stories

Graduated from UNL in 3.5 years with 3 studies: Marketing, Merchandising, & Photography


kimbapx kimbapx

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47 active goals

18 completed goals

12 success stories

Fast tracked it out of there a few years ago!


bingevil bingevil

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55 completed goals

48 success stories

Bachelor of Arts (English). 

Katschai Katschai

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34 completed goals

14 success stories

I am a Diplom-Kauffrau!!!


JStormer JStormer

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75 success stories

BA Youth Ministry 1991, MAR Pastoral Counseling 1992. The photo is w/ my step sisters upon finishing my BA.

AliciaVanAkker AliciaVanAkker

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3 success stories

My life started when i choose to follow my passion and my mayor in college is business, so i must working to pay my education and my daily needs. It doesnt easy to pass day by day and survive to face all the things in my journey, but i can prove if i can do it and my choice is right :)


jacline31 jacline31

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5 completed goals

1 success storie

I graduated architecture school May 2015! After 7 years of school, and long nights in the studio I accomplished a goal i had set out to achieve since childhood. The graduation was great and the celebrations afterwards rocked! I created fond memories and great friends that will last me a lifetime!


cindyanell cindyanell

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1 success storie

<3 Ing. Ambiental y en Seguridad



pennie.looker pennie.looker

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5 success stories

Bachelor of Science, UNiversity of Southern Queensland


minhouuuuu minhouuuuu

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1 completed goal

3 success stories

life achievement unlocked!

nadiamarie1990 nadiamarie1990

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1 completed goal

1 success storie

I completed my degree full time whilst working so this was very challenging! It was wonderful to be able to celebrate that and move forward from that point in my life :)

ng93 ng93

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143 active goals

17 completed goals

14 success stories

 4 years of exams,assignments and late night library sessions and I finally graduated and celebrated with the people I love! Just thankful I didn't fall flat on my face when going onto the stage haha :)

bella.clarinet bella.clarinet

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98 active goals

18 completed goals

23 success stories

 Valedictorian in Bachelor of Biomedical Science with a GPA of 7.00

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