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 **Not My Picture** 

I have to give this a 3-stars since the overall experience was a disappointment to me with my senior year. I had moved from a place where I had grown up with and knew the majority of people to a bigger high school where basically throughout the whole school year I didn't make one friend in my own grade and just basically one person out of a school of over 200.

 The classes I took more or less were awesome and I enjoyed them. There were a few that I wish I could have done without or had the chance to do them a specific way such as ceramics - no wheel - since of my height restrictions.

SmexiJalapeno SmexiJalapeno

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Listen up everyone! Ever since I was little my parents were always telling me to graduate high school and go to college. I grew up in a small town, Conroe, and witness people struggling in life. "I wish I could get a second chance" or "If only I knew better" Those were the statements I've heard many times. I experienced how hard working was during a summer year. I worked nearly 50 hours each week, working my butt off for only making $7.25 an hour. I saw how people around me struggle through financial needs. I met teenagers who dropped out of high school and now they are working full time. Reasons why? They become fathers by the age of 16, too, pregnant, drugs/alcohol, or simply too careless about getting an education. Graduating high school is just one small step in having a successful life, there is so much more than just graduating high school. I am, hopefully, can say was, behind in my school work because I procrastinated and now I'm paying the price. This year is my year, and I am proud to say that I AM going to graduate high school no matter the cost. I regret the decisions that I procrastinate but, now it is the time to forgot about the past and look high in what is ahead of me. Getting a job showed me how life his without an education and, there is no way I'm going to live and work like that for $7.25.

Wow, all the screaming "fans" out there. I was a tad nervous but not like others. Anyways, I didn't seem to accomplish much because it is just high school after all. It was weird like when you read a book and has a predominant ending. Some of our fellow graduates were in a state of joyful tears.  What's next in life? What now? I've always wanted to travel and experience many things in life. Sure, I could go to college get my degree and then get a job but, there is so much to it that just doing that. I want to prove myself how far I can go in life. I'm tired and sitting at home all the time and not get to enjoy life. Airforce, I would love to go because of all the excitement. I did manage to complete 65 units in just one semester so I guess that was a great achievement. Ever since I had more free time I’ve been studying myself and looking deep within me to find out more about myself. There is so much more to life than going to college and staying at home.

There it was, fully coated with black paint and as long as the eye can see (Not really); the limo! Our driver stepped out of the vehicle and saluted us with such a respectful manner and handshake. We stepped in the vehicle and it was like entering into another universe. Lights bounced off the ceiling and there was free refreshment waiting for us to slurp down. It felt pretty nice getting to drive in a limo. It was my second time too. Our first stop was at the bank which was a marvelous view to witness. Had a similar structure and color like the white house. I and my dad notified the manager that we’ll be coming to take picture at the bank in advance. We didn’t want any suspicious like we were going to rob the bank or something, haha. The security guard awed in amazement and it felt absolutely priceless! Felt like we were celebrities. After that we went to see my cousins/uncle/aunt at a place where people get married. Upon arriving there, there was a professional photographer that my parents hired! He had such an enthusiastic tone that clearly showed he loved his job. The place was freaking incredible and breathtaking. He took many pictures. My siblings gave me gifts such as; balloons, a doge with a cap where you can write motivational farewells to the graduate (me), king-size Twix, and $100! After we were done taking photos we went to a Mexican Restaurant called “El Rico” The waiter was fast, funny, and charming… His name was Juan, knew him since I was working with him where the place I work at. I chose a plate where it had a combination of food such as; tomatoes, lettuce, cheese enchilada with shrimp covered on top, and a freshly battered tilapia​. Juan made a historical joke, a joke I will ever forget! My mom and uncle ordered the same thing which were quails. When Juan brought the food my mom ask him in a funny tone (In Spanish) “Why are his quails bigger than mine” What he said was priceless! He responded “Because his are ‘los machos’ and yours are ‘las hembras’ We all laughed and that was one of the smartest responds I’ve ever heard! Suddenly I checked my watch and had to be there at the graduation by 6:15 for preparation. Suddenly we heard people gasping and looking towards the window. We all turned around and saw the it was pouring rain outside. Then I saw our limo driver and informed my dad. We were puzzled on why he was inside. I told my parents that I had to go to the graduation and they rebuked back that it was too dangerous. Of course I didn’t listen and went my own way. I told the driver where I needed to go and he told me to wait here while I get my umbrella. Either this guy really wanted a good tip or he truly was a good person. He ran to get it while it was pouring outside, every second out there counted. He ran back inside and took me in and we briskly walked to the limo. Once we were settled in he drove onwards to my destination. I turned off all the lights and looked in amazement at the rain. We talked to each other about how our lives were doing. Sadly, he’s divorced and has four kids to take care off. He said he loves this job because he gets to see the children every day when going to work. Truly touched my heart. I sat there looking out the window and seeing how badly the rain was. The streets were flooding and there was heavy traffic. During all that I felt peace in my soul because I absolutely love the rain. We arrived at the destination and we said our goodbyes. I received a text saying Graduation was proposed till 8:00 because of the bad weather. OMG!!! I should’ve listened to my mom… The graduation was the smallest and humiliating that I have ever experienced. Since the storm was so bad majority of the people weren't able to come. After Graduation, it was pitch black outside and still continued to run. There was constant sound of booming up upon the clouds which was a sign of thunder. We were headed home and there was chaos everywhere. There was accidents, police, flooding, and even the lights were out to most homes and major buildings. Everyone in the car was debating whether we should stay at a hotel since majority of the lights were out. Then out of nowhere a huge wave of water splash directly at the front of the windshield. Some idiot sped up too fast and caused the water to splash us. We Almost crashed… Luckily my dad kept his mobility and didn’t push the brakes. It happen so fast… Everybody screamed in horror and I thought it was pretty rad to witness something like that. At the end of the day we arrived safely home and passed out of exhaustion.    

timmonshayley timmonshayley

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I always thought that the end of high school would be the beginning of bigger and better things for me. I had the main goal that most people have of going to college and getting my degree, but little did I know that the end of high school would be the beginning of a much bigger adventure. Since I graduated almost 10 years ago I've explored 21 countries, experienced things I would have never dreamed of and gained a passion for travel. Many people say that your high school years are some of the most memorable years of your life. Forget that, the years I have now have definitely taken their place! 

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I graduated high school in Ma 2005 from Hephzibah High School. My mom was a teacher at my school and she was the one to hand me my diploma. one of my greatest moments to share with my mom.

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 is this not a given? 


Ardnamurchan high 2006

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I was so happy to leave behind all the judgemental people, stress, and unhappiness. I never thought I'd surivive. My high school is grades 7th-12th; so six years of hell for me. I am a survivor of being bullied, so this was the best day of my life. I moved away a month after graduation. My advice to any under classmen: high school ends, remember that.  


(My picture: the black circle is blocking where I graduated from.)

hihelloitsnina hihelloitsnina

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 Can't believe high school is O.V.E.R. So crazy and sad!

kaylairenecody kaylairenecody

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May 19, 2013

Graduate from Beatrice High School with a 3.49 GPA and 32/169.


kyannaebanks kyannaebanks

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 The happiest day of my life.

ShapkaBacon ShapkaBacon

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Not hard to do really. I was a slacker though.

ehurdyy ehurdyy

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Then I will officially start my own life!

badwolf0409 badwolf0409

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 High School was the worst. I hated it. College was awesome, though! 

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mchs pumas


candicesilvan candicesilvan

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It was a hard four years.

juliannacrisa juliannacrisa

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15 years of schooling finally paid off! 


jazzyokanovic jazzyokanovic

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Well, I did it. Class of 2017 from Berkeley High School.

Honestly, I wasn't the type of person who loved high school. I loved many moments, and the good memories far outweigh the bad, but overall, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I never felt truly at home or happy with the place I was when I was at school. I struggled to find people who were like me and always felt like I was being judged for being different. In a city regarded as the most progressive, liberal, and open minded, I found myself uncomfortable and judged more often than invited. Somehow, I ended up being very country, despite my California upbringing. I enjoyed country music, and farms, big trucks and traditional values. I didn't feel like there were people like me, people I could relate to. Even through all this, I ended up finding some people who I will never forget. My best friend, Meghan, and I, who became besties my sophomore year of high school, are still to this day close. In fact, we go to the same University in Nevada. Crazy as it is, high school is just one big experimental experience. Would I do it again? Definitely not. But if anything, I'm grateful for the good experiences which molded me, and the bad ones which helped me grow. I can't say that I'll miss being in high school, but I can say that I will (and already do) miss the laughs with friends, the crazy spirit days, the wild nights we spent doing stupid thing out way too late, and all the memories I've made. 

But at the end of the day, I don't need to be in high school to keep those memories close to my heart.


gwens20 gwens20

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Graduating was the best part of high school  

mangomarsh mangomarsh

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Did it!


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 Most amazing, crazy, fun and sad years of my life 💀💀

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