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heather.jeffery.5832 heather.jeffery.5832

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Graduated from uOttawa with a BScHK


Gorecki02 Gorecki02

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According to society's trend, I am quite old and still haven't graduated university. I don't usually care about that kind of stuff, but I am doing this to make my parents proud. No fancy stories here. Once done, I move on to the next.


theonlydanever theonlydanever

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Daniel Wilson BA(Hons) 2:1 Digital Music & Computer Games Design. Thanks Mum, for believing in me - I know Dad thought it was a waste of time!

Izzygit Izzygit

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I graduated for the university of Lincoln in September 2014. I graduated with a first class degree and my graduation day was a fantastic day. 


Amyyyy Amyyyy

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My three years at university were probably three of the best years of my life so far! I studied crime scene investigation. It took me down several paths during the course, including investigating a crime scene, getting into a convicts mind, the laws and legislation behind things and guest speakers that were past convicts, professors or has a job role that is important to my course. My last year was dissertation year. I got to do my 15,000 word essay on a topic very close to my heart. With studying law for the best part of five years, I got to research on hate crime and whether is should accept reports of abuse from the alternative subculture community. With the tragic death of Sophie Lancaster, which broke my heart and hit me hard because of the senseless violence towards another human because of the way they dressed. I got to write so much about this topic and I felt like I was doing a justice for Sophie and the foundation. I actually got to talk to her mother, Slyvia, she said she was proud that someone was covering this topic as extensive as I was. When I finished, the media died down about reporting abuse from subcultures, which made me feel low as I thought I'd wasted my time on a dead end. Though, recently, many British police forces now accept reports from the alternative community, which I was overjoyed to hear because now I don't think that I wasted my time on something that wasn't going to be taken seriously. I pretty much owe who I am today because of my university course. I would do it again in a heartbeat!!!

misstoye misstoye

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Some of the best years of my life! Some of the hardest years of my life!

I grew up so much in this time and came away with a degree in Graphic Design.

CristinaStanciu CristinaStanciu

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A hard 3 years of my life. The experience was well worth it, changed me completely as well as my potential.


yoitsdomka yoitsdomka

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As simple as it gets, really - I want to graduate in five years, and make my parents proud(er than they are ;)) Pharmacy won't be easy, but I'll do my best.

TayaCurragh TayaCurragh

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Preferably with a 2:1 or higher :)

clearstal clearstal

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Marketing major

bramley1911 bramley1911

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An amazing day to end 4 years hard work. University was an experience I'll never forget and graduation was a great day to end it all.

SB92 SB92

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graduated in BA (Hons) Education with Special Educational Needs on July 24th 2014

Gjkarps Gjkarps

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nicoleh nicoleh

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art history and religious studies 

queenmedusa77 queenmedusa77

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 Achieved 1999 and 2001.

Sazerty Sazerty

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Yaaay!! finally


sonas sonas

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 2003- Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

anotherbandkid anotherbandkid

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Class of 2010!


tomcariello tomcariello

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AdzFlowers AdzFlowers

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I'll be honest, as I came to the end of my time at college, I was somewhat apprehensive about taking on another three years of study! I had know idea what I wanted to do as a career (which is why I chose well rounded modules of Buisness, ICT, Media and Psychology).After a chat with my daddy, (cheers) I decided to give it a shot. I mean, why not! I studied at St Mary's University which can be found gracing the land of South London. What's quite amusing is the university's key strength is in sports. What did I do? Take the course which involved the most sitting down! The course I took was called Media Arts with Film and Television. First year was all theory to help each of these 'potentials' to reach the same level. As that year passed into memory along with various drunken exploits, then came the fun stuff. TV production. Film research. Just what I wanted. I graduated on my 21st birthday (happy days at the after party!) and also won an award for the 'Most Enthusiastic Student' as sponsered by the BFI. For those who aren't English, the BFI stands for British Film Institute and is/was the main figurehead in the British film industry.Chuffed!  

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