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poymeetsworld poymeetsworld

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I'm not interested in falling (skydiving), I'm interested in FLYING! That's kind of where hang gliding came in.  Being afraid of heights my whole life has kept me from pursuing extreme activities like bungee jumping, going on a scary roller coaster or sky diving! But.. I do love travel and when I got the opportunity to head to Rio de Janeiro, I researched unique activities here and hang gliding kept coming up! I believe in trying new experiences in general, and the more I read, the more I became convinced that I had to do this while in Rio! Researched and found an amazing Hang Gliding Professional and documented it all here: 



rani_lore rani_lore

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No words to describe this amazing experience! 


bealion90 bealion90

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Thrill of a life time

lois.gail lois.gail

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 OMG! This was an incredible experience!!  For this tandem flight, we started in the valley and were towed up a few thousand feet by a light-weight plane by cable; when it is released there is a sudden jerk that heightens adrenaline and then everything is so quiet and soft. The tandem partner then demonstrates and gives instruction so that I was able to pilot it for a distance. We slowly descend and then, it's time for the landing and W-O-W you accelerate very fast!! I felt like an eagle swooping down for its' prey! It was fantastic and I highly recommend this activity!

JenM JenM

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One word.....Awesome!!! What an amazing experience! I am so terrified of heigts and I really thought I was going to have an anxiety attack but I was completely wrong. It was one of the coolest experiences ever when the "driver" stopped the hang glide in the air for a few seconds and then ponted it down like a bird attacking its prey!

wstinewashere wstinewashere

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Hang gliding i Byron Bay over Cape Byron Lighthouse. Flot udsigt, lidt kedeligt og ubehageligt at hænge deroppe. Det ser federe ud end det var :D 


sarah1777 sarah1777

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  • I should start by saying I no longer get a rush when I do these adventures. However hang gliding was a blast. Towed behind a glider to 2000ft.we reached the clouds and were flying blind. It was like being in heaven. As we pulled loose from the plane we soared like birds through the mist with a view of the land and water below. Then when given the opportunity to do acrobatics I jumped at the chance. We did dips and spins. It was amazing. The landing was surprisingly more smooth then take off. And my pilot was pretty damn cute too. Overall, a great experience. 


lauralea lauralea

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It was better than I could have possibly imagined. Tears of joy and wonder were streaming down my face, I can't recommend this enough! 

tamiris.rlara tamiris.rlara

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 Now I know the taste of the clouds.

namrata.mayur.patel namrata.mayur.patel

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In the Himalayas right off a mountan side!


jake.mccleary.79 jake.mccleary.79

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 i want to hang glide forf my 19th birthday

supneetsarao supneetsarao

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Went hang gliding in Queenstown, Newzealand

Amazing experience !

Loved it.



dawn.perlas dawn.perlas

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Completed this one twice: 


wontbudge wontbudge

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Stanwell Tops - twice!

2nd time was a longer flight and almost ended up chunder :-D


wesleycheah1997 wesleycheah1997

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Gideon Gideon

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 Flying is a phenomenal feeling

masternino5x masternino5x

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Done in the Swiss alps. Beautiful scenery, was very quick, only about 10 mins

enderwiggins111 enderwiggins111

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dirtypiratehooker19 dirtypiratehooker19

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I went in Maui and it was awesome! 

chickyr chickyr

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Didn't end well as I crash landed and hit the cross bar travelling at high speed, resulting in a broken nose!


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