Hang gliding

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Letti Letti

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In Rio, Brazil!


BlueSword5 BlueSword5

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I did this for my 23rd birthday with my friend who had the same birthday!  I did a tandum hang glide where I was towed up to 5000 feet and then I did a solo hang glide experience thing where I had my own glider and I jumped off of dunes.  We did this in Kitty Hawk, NC.  I had always wanted to go to Kitty Hawk :)  

Mitsouko Mitsouko

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I'm a little afraid of heights. But more than heights I'm afraid of a lot of things in general. I don't want to live life in fear. I want to live more courageously. In my mind I see the person I want to live myself as, I just want to realize that dream for myself.



I was afraid of going on this trip, but once I was on, it was very peaceful. When we did tricks, it was really fun. Once we landed, I was ready to go again!

jledbetter jledbetter

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I went tandum hang gliding at Lookout Mt.

It was cool - plane took us up, which was scary.  The time in the air was wonderful, just way too short.

I'd love to be a bird or Super Woman :)

dmc813 dmc813

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This is something I've wanted to do even more than skydiving - mostly inspired by MacGyver's episode where he saves the endangered species eagles (and flies a hang-glider:)

Went in Chicago with friends, summer 2012. Will repeat.

wildatheart wildatheart

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I went hang gliding in South Florida. It was an amazing feeling. Felt like a bird gliding through the air. The wind was beneath the wings! I Highly recommend doing this. Conquer it!

amberketchum amberketchum

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This was amazing! A total would do again. Felt like a bird.

ShariAlligood ShariAlligood

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Scary moment but all that faded once I saw the beauty stretched out before me!

BrianaNicolette BrianaNicolette

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Actually I completed this item on my bucketlist in 2008 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. My dad really encouraged me to do this while on vacation and I am so happy that I decided to go through with it.

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