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It's not what it's cracked up to be.


sarahm1391 sarahm1391

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Here is a list of bands I have met, most are local.

Famous & Signed bands:

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=BulldogBash11-14thAug2011035.jpg -Status Quo (met, chatted to & autograph)

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=signature.jpg -Signature (met, chatted to & autograph)

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=276959_52428292752_815389_n.jpg -voodoo Johnson 

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=311995_10150289131977443_364018047442_8189462_651149126_n.jpg -Made To Waste (was Skarf)

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=beatallica066.jpg -Beatallica (A mixture of The Beatles & Metallica, the band travelled from USA to play with my boyfriend's band BlackWolf, really fun especially when they did a hoe-down)

Unsigned bands:

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=250132_182611345136638_100001633210479_466498_17878_n.jpg  -BlackWolf (my boyfriend's band)

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=150497_173261376036987_154597964569995_526505_1344942_n.jpg -Holy Stain (performed for my boyfriend's surprise party)

Snorting Dogs


http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=249052_224294907596865_160379017321788_916003_4422038_n.jpg -Headless Cross (performed for my boyfriend's surprise party)

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=FixXxer.jpg -FixXxer (metallica tribute band, very good friends with them, they helped me with a surprise party for my boyfriend)

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=187809_179006530653_2648956_n.jpg -White Knuckle Bride

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=183950_190688140964201_172424556123893_500308_1439323_n.jpg -Dutty Luck

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=320024_10150286380816586_308882606585_8090783_1854152850_n.jpg -The Buffalo Kings ( very good friends of mine,met through my boyfriend's gig, got to know them more at Bulldog Bash)

http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n527/SarahMaunder19/Bucket%20List/?action=view&current=68714_138209156230368_119048948146389_219687_4637735_n.jpg -One For The Fallen (I knew most of the guys since school, the lead guitarist is really amazing)

Other bands I have met, chatted to, hanged out with:

Good Guys Win

Bags Of Rock

Texas Flood

Striking Minors


jessicakhlaire jessicakhlaire

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Hung out backstage with Powderfinger when they came to Canberra with Silverchair. Haugsy offered me a beer and I drank it even though I don't even like beer!

Really great guys. Have idolised them since I was 11 - it was nice to see they were your average Aussie blokes while not on stage.

awright91 awright91

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I hung out with a local band called "Cavashawn" several times both at the concert and outside. We went to Brookfield Zoo together and we ate at Apple Bees. They were really great people, but the band broke up.

nek1289 nek1289

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Interned for 30 Seconds To Mars for 3 months of my summer as an assistant editor. I worked on the footage from their 2009-2011 tour for which they got a guiness record for longest tour by a band. After 3 months I felt like I had attended all thier concerts around the world. Coolest thing about this internship was Jared asking the entire team to do background vocals for their new 2013 song UP IN THE AIR. 


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Summer of 1990 I was living in Nice, France. I got ticketsto the Lenny Kravitz concert. I was standing outside when i saw a guy with musical themed tats. I said "Hi". He was so happy to hear english we started talking. He was in the band. He invited me backstage after the show. I said ok see you then. After the show security wouldnt let me back. I was just hanging out outside when the guy came out. He said where have I been and I said security wouldnt let me in. He apologized which I found funny and he took me in. Lenny had already gone but the rest of the band was there. We hung out then I asked if they were hungry. They all were so I said I know a great pizza place. We went for pizza at La Pizza on the zone pieton. It was great and most surprising was when the bill came I tried to take the check since I invited them but they took it and wouoldnt let me pay. My younger brother and I had dinner with the whole Lenny Kravitz band minus Lenny and their manager.


P.S. They tried to get Lenny to come so we spent some time at the hotel which was funny. They got us signed tshirts which I still have.


I was 18 years old

lor_loo lor_loo

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 Timeflies, Bensin

tabbithron tabbithron

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Enter Shikari afterparty. THE BEST. 

Ben3__ Ben3__

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My band played at the wedding of Robby Steinhardt of Kansas, and the whole band was there.  Great guys, overall.

dunnmomma40 dunnmomma40

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Lowen and Navarro in the 90's.


sevgiylmazz sevgiylmazz

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okaly okaly

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Alex Cameron. They were super nice but I was really hungover.


strasse strasse

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 Drummer of Multiciple waste  @ Graspop :)

travishauser travishauser

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