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petraxo petraxo

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My dog is the best dog in the whole world but im sure all dogs owners say that 

stephysbucketlist stephysbucketlist

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sweetdreeamsss sweetdreeamsss

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Biscuit is the sweetest little puppy. I couldnt have asked for better, as soon as I saw him I knew he and I would be best friends <3 

ambenter89 ambenter89

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 Jaxsyn (also known as Jumping Jax). He is spunky, energetic, and gets more excited to see my dad and neighbor than me. He is a cuddler. He's a mini Australian Shepherd who jumps as high as my hip when he gets excited, or just because he wants your attention. He turns 5 this year and still has all the energy of a pup. He is afraid of vents, thunder, and fireworks. He hates baths but loves running through puddles.

Sissy1310 Sissy1310

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I took in the family dog after my mother passed away. He is a dachshund named Oscar Meyer and he is currently 13 years old. 

meeeggles meeeggles

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Ran with my dog, Čipas, a couple of summers ago. It was a little exhausting since the dog wasn't used to it, so at the end of the run I was the one pulling him to run and to keep up with me! haha :)

webstermad webstermad

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I had a beautiful male Border Collie called Webster. He was a present to me from my parents on my 10th birthday. I still remember the day I first got him.. I was having a garden party at my house, all the guests were already there and my dad had to go out to visit his fried in jail, I didn't think anything of it. A few hours later he arrived back home and I was called to the car, there was a paper bin on the passenger side, and in the paper bin there was a small black and white puppy. I immediately cried with happiness when I saw him, and followed with the question of whether I was able to keep him. Unfortunately on the 22nd of October 2012 he became unwell and had to be put down, I was distraught. Webster was more than just a dog, he was a family member whom I spent a great deal of my time with. Nothing will be able to replace him, all that is left is the memories. R.I.P. Webster 22/10/12.

Following is something I wrote after his passing:

"He became noticeably unwell on Monday the 15th, when he stopped eating and was throwing up anything he digested. Through the week he had less and less energy to the point where he wasn't even getting out of his bed to come say hello to anyone coming through the door. If anyone knows Webster, you'll know how much of a person dog he is and how much he loves people. He was taken to the vets on Friday where he spent his last few nights and had blood tests, xrays and was on antibiotics. The vets were unable to find anything wrong with him, other than he was anemic. Monday came where he wasn't recovering at all and we had our final hugs and kisses together, he was a truly wonderful dog and will be missed greatly ♥"


alexchimu alexchimu

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alineguerreiro2015 alineguerreiro2015

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 I have to dogs Leao e Leia, I love them. 😍😍😍

nguyenphuonguyen_niheo nguyenphuonguyen_niheo

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 let's meet MiLu and Gau :D

jenny.bondevik jenny.bondevik

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Got little Nicki the summer of 2012


Cindels - Traveling blondie Cindels - Traveling blondie

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 Roxy and Mash. Both adopted

vicedumar vicedumar

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 adopting reina (cocker spaniel) fom my brother hasn´t been easy, but we love each other.

kiasadie kiasadie

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 I got my dog Pooh Bear for my 16th birthday. He is a pomeranian.

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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Lab, Rotweiler, Sheep Dog, Basset Hounds, Newfoundlands, Dalmation, German Sheppard.

Having a dog is like having a bestfriend yet when they pass away it feels like your world is ending. They will do anything for you, and arent hard to care for.

rcaballero rcaballero

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That's true frienship.


binchild binchild

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Dogs. They're pretty awesome.


sjacura sjacura

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My best friend


DerekMInnes DerekMInnes

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August 26 #InternationalDogDay I love this old dog 11 years in October


KelseyLiu KelseyLiu

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I currently have an English Springer Spaniel called Lottie. We've had her since 2009, it is now 2015 so that's what- 6 years. She's always been a seriously energetic dog, always wanting attention. She wasn't allowed on the sofa so what she used to do was whenever one of us were sat there, she'd jump up on us and keep bugging us and barking until someone sat on the floor with her. She always got her way. 

In the summer of 2014 she had an accident which resulted in her shattering her left elbow. She was rushed straight to the vets where she underwent surgery in an attempt to fix her leg. Unfortunately the operation went wrong and so two weeks later she was back under. Due to this she got an infection which she never recovered from.

She's still a great dog though would will always come and sit with me when I play acoustic guitar and then run off when I start singing. She still knows how to get under everyone's feet causing accident after accident. We always forgive her though, I mean, how can you not?

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