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Pickles Pickles

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I was a first year apprentice chef and there was about 200 guests at the work Christmas Party when about 10 apprentices decided to start throwing food at each other from the Buffet table. We were all ejected and had to face the music on Monday morning. Not my smartest decision but it was quite memorable.

The photo was from a chef  competition I was involved in that year. I didnt get any photos of the food fight.....probably a good thing too


zuzannagellera zuzannagellera

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It was great <3 


marydelta marydelta

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 Not to be a bore but I don't recommend it. 

scott.bahantka scott.bahantka

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 Hilarious!   Huge food fight during high school.  Food flying everywhere. Aluminum foil balls, jello grenades, sandwiches, trays, etc!!



AniyA AniyA

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 Kaylee and Lauren couldn't make it to my birthday and they wanted to make it up. So we went to Kaylees house,we made a cake, and had a cake batter fight :) 

j.nagtalon j.nagtalon

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FOOD FIGHT WITH THE TEAM although we got banned from the place

Moose_Moose Moose_Moose

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 First visit there was a line of 100 people, luckily our train was around 5 in the morning so no one else was around and we had the place to ourselves

tiffanykhyla tiffanykhyla

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This was one of the first sites I saw on my trip to London, and the Harry Potter nerd in me was flipping out!


Maartje Maartje

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Tazni Tazni

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Birthday cake and bread have more uses than just eating :)

Unfortunatly this one ended badly.. My Iphone went swimming in a sink thanks to a flatmate........ May it rest in peace :(

jrjimmerson jrjimmerson

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Wow!  I can't remember how it even started but I do remember how it ended. 

We  - me, my siblings, and my  mom - were at least sensible enough to move the food fight outside before it got way out of control.  No one wanted to have to clean up the kitchen and any mess left outside would be cleaned up by the many farm animals. 

It was late in the summer so there were all sorts of overripe vegetables in our garden.  In addition, we had just finished a noon meal.  So you name it and we threw it.  The overgrown cucumbers hurt!!!

I ended up wearing gravy head to toe.  I will never forget . . . probably because I had to clean myself up outside with the garden hose before I was allowed back inside.   Do you know what happens when gravy meets cold water?  It wasn't pretty!  But it was definitely memorable. 

hwilliamson hwilliamson

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Whipped cream, Aliza and Kate <3

ElinHell ElinHell

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I probably had more than one but the most memorable one were when me and my little-brother were kids, got mad at each other and started throwing chocolate-pudding at each other in rage.

Diddi Diddi

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annamicas surprise party ! 

smiffyh smiffyh

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Not my wisest idea to date and it ended in me being kicked out of year 9 food technology. Not that I was carrying it on for year 10 and GCSE, but in principle it didn't make me a role model student. Not that I ever was.

DaniellaD DaniellaD

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Carolina Kickoff 

hehe hehe

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a strawberry fight. hehe.

laraverleyen laraverleyen

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Waar kampen met de VKSJ niet goed voor waren ;-)


karinaviscusi98 karinaviscusi98

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best thing ever

xoxokelsi3 xoxokelsi3

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i was in grammar school and we had the best food fight ever, but we all got detentions and the person who started it got a suspended but hey it was worth it! 


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