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Wanderlust01 Wanderlust01

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We visited Whittlebury Hall , such an amazing spa day . Hydrotherapy pool , heat and ice experiences , treatments , and amazing food, we also stayed the night in the very posh hotel! 

Such a lovely day! 

melinda.grigg melinda.grigg

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Fabulous day together relaxing at the Peninsula Hot bathhouse! 😘 



bethanyfraser bethanyfraser

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Owl House Day Spa Address: The Crew Yard Langley Priory Diseworth, Derby DE73 8BB Phone:01332 818818

serenitygardenart serenitygardenart

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I made an appointment for pampering before going on the trip to Sedona I believe we need to do self love and self care more often  

den1se3 den1se3

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 So relaxing! Love love love! 

shwetha_suredin shwetha_suredin

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 Had a spa day at Micheal Angelo towers for my 20th birthday

juselicious juselicious

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Going to a spa is one of the best stress reliever evaaah! ^_^

badwolf0409 badwolf0409

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An amazing experience that I will definitely do again.  I surprised TJ with an early birthday present to stay in a hotel for a night and do a spa day. It was lovely. 

diana.maria diana.maria

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 Went to a Spa Party with 3 other friends. Swimmed in a jacuzzi pool, had a massage, ate chocolate and drank champagne.

workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 Date is approx. Went last year with my sister in law.

becki.ox becki.ox

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For my 22nd me and my closest friend went to Eden hall in nottingham, england. Most relaxing day ever, best part was spending day in dressing gown.


NFranchini NFranchini

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I have done it a few times, really relaxing.  Will do it again.


JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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A full day spent in a spa and receiving various treatments!

Spent time in the 'Light room', a quiet room with loungers and a large window that shows only the clouds breezing past. Then received a back massage, which was AMAZING. After this, I was led to the 'Dark room', which only has a faint glow from a fireplace illuminating more loungers to unwind in. 

Helped myself to a buffet lunch at midday - Jacket potatoes with a chicken and pepper sauce, along with profiteroles smothered in melted chocolate. 

Spent my afternoon relaxing in the jacuzzi, swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, sauna, sanarium and ice cave. The day was topped off with a facial, head massage and a make over :) 

Oh, and I also dumped a bucket of ice water over myself which was awful/hilarious. 

catthekiwi catthekiwi

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 Lovely afternoon/evening at Spa Experience.  Facial, massage, wine and nibbles afterwards for $45mil CLP.  

bianca.zangheri bianca.zangheri

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Ale, Bianca, Giacomo, Bobo

limayg26 limayg26

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Had a relaxing day at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, FL.


Kartika Kartika

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First ever spa, had a facial, hair and body massage. Hair spa is my favourite and I'm grateful that I did try it, but to say the least, spa is not my cup of tea.


Gbh914 Gbh914

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 Swim in a rooftop spa overlooking the Riga skyline, get a facial and a massage

Amanthis Amanthis

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 Zonnenbankje.. Good enough

emmysadventures emmysadventures

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This was a massive goal for me because these kind of things make me really anxious! I wasn't sure what to expect but I had a lovely day with Jen, Ria and Laura and it was nice to do something scary/ different and see my girrrrls, also really lovely because I don't tend to make close female friends so it was amazing to have a girly day with people I love. Massage was great and got to use all of the steam rooms and saunas, also did ice water plunges which were not fun but made our skin feel great. So yes, although Spa was very very scary it was lovely to do! Picture is of a peacock in the grounds, we went to Ruthin castle which was beautiful :).


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