Have a white Christmas

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Pickles Pickles

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I love Christmas. These two photos in the snow were taken in the front yard of my Uncles house in Vancouver. The first obe was in 1979. My family and I had just flown in from Australia and although it was cold, there was no sign of snow. Which was terribly sad for my mother who hadnt been home to Canada in 10 years. She was so excited about showing my brother and I a white Christmas. We feel asleep on Christmas Eve very excited about the thought of Santa arriving the next morning. I remember vividly getting woken up and told to stand at the window, it was sometime in the middle of the night and although I was tired I was excited to see whatever it was that was going on outside. Someone switched on the outside lights and I will never forget the sight....there was a cover of pure white snow and snow flakes falling. I was gobsmacked. I can recall my mother in tears. A pretty special memory as a 10 year old.   Best Christmas Ever!

The second photograph was from Christmas 1990 and i had my second white Christmas.  


elfen elfen

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I didn't celebate Christmas until I was 10 years old...In 2009, when I spend x-mas in Israel there was a white X-mas in Denmark. And it was the first one since I started celebrating X-mas.

But the following year, in 2010, I spend x-mas in Denmark with my boyfriend and there was a white Chritmas again!  

lilikoi99 lilikoi99

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I'm dreaming...


nina.kurisova nina.kurisova

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 I come from Slovakia, but I live in Austria right now. It may seem that having a white Christmas in such a (European) country isn't that unusual, but times changed. There were years when we could be sure of having a white Christmas, but due to the climate change it snows a few weeks later, than it did a few years before. As a result, having a white Christmas is still very special.

CarolAnne62 CarolAnne62

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Many times living in the north, but the best was living in the mountains of Blue Ridge, Ga.  It started snowing Chritmas morning and we ended up with a total of 13" before it was all over.  The area was transformed to a Currier and Ives Postcard.


aloha24 aloha24

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What a winter wonder land .


svitlanashchedrina svitlanashchedrina

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 It feels and looks fantastic, though I like warmth more. Every time it snows I have an urgent desire to move to L.A. ))

Anyway, it sparkles and looks adorable. 

Femke_pi Femke_pi

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Building a snowman #Olaf

bigdreamer94 bigdreamer94

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Bozeman Montana is where I grew up and there is a white Christmas every year I have to say if my parents ever move I will defiantly miss waking up to marshmallow snow everywhere and going out to build snow creatures.  

NFranchini NFranchini

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I do have a white Xmas every year (I'm from Canada) and enjoying it, it's magical.  I could not miss it once.


Kinga Kinga

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 People, who live in hot places may never experience this. But some have it almost every year.

somewherearound somewherearound

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Is there any white Christmas in Iceland?


shannongould shannongould

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I live in Canada... it's almost always a white Christmas.

When it's not a white Christmas it just doesn't feel right! 

SamiAnn205 SamiAnn205

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I live in North Dakota. 


seba.baeza seba.baeza

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Same holiday in a different country. Now I can say that a lot of stereotypes are real! 

Ps: I loved this christmas!

tyler.brown.lopez tyler.brown.lopez

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 Best experience of my entire life

hannahkatee hannahkatee

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Spend Christmas in New York, America

PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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Living in Buffalo, NY I (almost) always have a white Christmas!


jchillin757 jchillin757

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 Was great, it's happened a few times

annabellepop annabellepop

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I live in New York. What do you expect? 😝 

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