Have an all-nighter in vegas

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bluenwild bluenwild

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 We started out at the hotel room of some guys we new through a friend of my friend with some beer, wine and beer pong, then went to Hakkasan where Hardwell was at that night and danced until they closed down the club and kicked us out (we were actually some of the last guests on the dance floor). Yup, I guess that counts for an alnighter. ;)

jeremymartin88 jeremymartin88

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Vegas can be a lot of work, partying, drinking, eating, shows, shopping, activities, taking photos with creepy old guys dressed up in costumes and declining hundreds of escort calling cards as you walk down the strip.  When you add the fact you went to Vegas to actually "work" it can be exhausting. 

I was in Vegas for a conference called Freedomfest. It's for libertarians and anarchists, suiting. At about 7:00 pm the first night I arrived I got a call from a friend saying he was walking by my house in Vancouver and was seeing if wanted to have a beer. I told him I was in Vegas, had an amazing suite and if he bought a plane ticket the room was on me.  12 hours later two friends showed up in the lobby. They are pretty good guys.  It was a three day conference and I was their for 4 nights. We decided the 2nd night we were all together was going to be "The Night." As we were there for a conference we decided to dress up in suits and play the part. We started with Dinner somewhere in the MGM, I think we had sushi, but we'll never really know. We stepped out of dinner, and I promptly put $100 on 1st 12 on a roulette table, I hit. Boom, dinner was paid for.  We then preceded to the Cirque De Soliel show, Zumanity. A terrific show that I would recommend. It actually took me about half the show to realize the hosts lady parts were in fact, not lady parts. He or she was wonderful and had the crowd laughing the whole time.  We made a quick stop at the craps table as we had never seen or played one before. Lady luck was favoring the beginners this evening.  The next step was the typical "when in Rome" moment. However our memory did not recall the correct animal name when we requested the driver to take us to the gentleman's establishment. Confusing your cheetahs and rhinos in Vegas will provided a very different sense of class. However upon arriving at our unintended destination our suits were quite impressive to the doorman. When they asked what we did, one us blurted out we were European Soccer players. We were quickly and complimentary ushered to the VIP section. 

I wouldn't say we made it rain, but there was definitely a drizzle. I can't quite recall the next two or three locations but before we knew it was close to 6 am and I had to be at work at 8 am. 

Instead of the power nap, we gambled on, crushed some hash browns, eggs a mikes hard lemonade, you know for the vitamins, and I proceeded to the conference to "work." As you can imagine, not a lot was done.  Would I take it back? Of course not!

melissa.hallatt.mh melissa.hallatt.mh

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Would definitely recommend best week of my life

sarah1777 sarah1777

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Terrible idea. A lot of money lost. Interesting night. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..

catthekiwi catthekiwi

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 Amazing experience to see all those casinos,to ride on the rollercoaster around New York, New York, to watch the fountains at the Belagio to the tune of Luck be a lady tonight. To see the canal inside the venetian complete with gondalas and a market square with a ceiling lit up like it was daytime.  Incredible. 

OhSnapItsJenni OhSnapItsJenni

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 Spent 2 nights and three days there for my cousin's bachelorette party. 

jenniferbrowne01 jenniferbrowne01

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 Haeyoon's Bachelorette party, June 2015

PandaJenn PandaJenn

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At the Flamingo for St.Pattys Day in 2015

Awesome trip

pitbullsneedlove pitbullsneedlove

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Best vacation so far. I saw Mariah Carey in concert, saw KA circus sol le, stayed and the Bellagio, and gambled the night away.

cmvkeene cmvkeene

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Do I really have to explain?

tesslundvall tesslundvall

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During our USA-Road Trip we had some amazing days in Vegas. On 10th of June 2017 we really had an all-day-all-nighter. We started the day 07am when me and Elin J went skydiving. Vegas Extreme Skydive!! After out first jump in our life, I loved it and Elin will never do it again, we went back to the hotelpool and Elin H for some drinks. After that we went to Heartattack grill (The guiness recordbook) for som hamburges. At the end of the night Magic Mike Show was one the scheduel. AMAZING DAY/ NIGHT! Extreme skydive, drinks, poolchill, guiness record resturante and Magic Mike show - VEGAS BABY YOU ROCKED!


tgaskin94 tgaskin94

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I loved Vegas and I can't wait to go back! 


Tangie Tangie

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it was wonderful and very fun stayed at circus circus me and my kids had a ball it was Christmas will be doing again we walk the strip in Vegas visited a lot of places 


crowarrowinc crowarrowinc

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I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday which also happened to be my honeymoon.  I enjoyed the slot machines and seeing Michael Crawford in EFX.


tracywight tracywight

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Went with my 2 cousins celebrating life.  One of the cousins and I are both fighting cancer.  We had a blast and would love to get together again to do this.  


silent_dancer23 silent_dancer23

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Mom got married in Vegas

juliebee juliebee

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Did this forever ago. Went to Vegas with a friend for 24 hours. We didn't even get a hotel room. Good times. Good good times. 


EllieH-B EllieH-B

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Got in at 7am!


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 baby sisters wedding

thisischinita thisischinita

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Bachelorette Party ! :) 

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