Have my photo taken at Platform 9 3/4

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JGartner JGartner

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 HAH I'm so cheesy...was fun, employees there are alittle pushy with taking your picture, but definitely an experience haha. 10 POINTS TO RAVENCLAW

elfen elfen

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My boyfriend took a pic of me there. It took so long for us to find the platform. 

BlueSword5 BlueSword5

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I DID THIS!  AH!  Posted a picture!

jodie.ennifer jodie.ennifer

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I look like a moron in the picture but it was freezing, pretty sure it snowed a few days later. It was fun in a silly way and although you cant really see it i have on a Slytherin scarf.  The guys taking the photos were dressed up like old school train conductors.

Jeminigirl2015 Jeminigirl2015

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 Can't believe that there's an acutal station complete with track and train and the Harry Potter studio tour - awesome

khsnowflake khsnowflake

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Waited in line a bunch, not a Harry Potter fan, but still AWESOME!!

SageSunflower SageSunflower

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SheSawTheWorld SheSawTheWorld

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This was just okay...the line was long just for a photo op. But it was on my not so amazing things to do on my bucket list.


stuart.john.atkinson stuart.john.atkinson

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Traveled through London frequently and decided I needed a picture as I went by. Awesome thing :D


hrw1993 hrw1993

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Visiting London got lost wandering round Kings Cross station and found platform 9 3/4 :)


emy.lindberg emy.lindberg

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Finally got my letter!

moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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Not even a Harry Potter fan...but since I was there, why not?


laptiteleadu71 laptiteleadu71

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trip with friends ! having fun with our favourites movies references !  

malpal711 malpal711

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Accomplished in June of 2012!

justinwillford123 justinwillford123

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Each person has different goals and Each person want to accomplish such goals until they die. For this reason, I want to show My Bucket List to you. First, I am a big fan of soccer. So, I want to see the Champions League at Europe. And then, I’d like to learn some instruments such as guitar or piano. Because, I always think musicians look nice when they play instruments. Next, I want to raise pets. Because, I like something cute and when I am alone, they can be my friends. It is also My Bucket List to buy building for my parents. By doing so, They can live much easier. Finally I would like to publish my biography. This must be my life summary and my son or daughter’s pride. You must have other Bucket Lists. I want you to write your own List and Go straight to accomplish your List.

SteephiiD SteephiiD

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I met this Australian girl my first day in London at the hostel I was staying at. Since it was her first time in London I offered her a little tour around the city and since we both love Harry Potter I decided to take her to King's Cross St. Pancras and show her platform 9 and 3/4.

blagman blagman

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 the queue was quite long but im pleased i did it 

sascotchick sascotchick

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On 23rd July, after travelling down from Aberdeen to surprise my family at King's Cross, we queued for about 40 minutes to get out photos taken. Was very well organised (crowd control barriers!) and very nice atmosphere. 

werewolves123 werewolves123

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Going to Platform 9 3/4 was a really awesome experience. It was a birthday present from my mum and it was the best present ever.

d d have

Irwinmel Irwinmel

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Never knew this actually existed until we ran into it on the way to the station to go home.

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