Jump in a pool fully clothed

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Pickles Pickles

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OK so this is now ticked off, probably not my favourite experience as it is winter in Sydney and the water temp was too cold, but I jumped in the pool in a suit.

 I was at a dinner party with 15 of my friends who thought i was nuts, but it was on my bucket list so I had to tick it off. Just hope I inspired some of them to get into DOING all the things they should rather than watching life go by

By the way how good does my friends pool look with the coloured lights?

Anneliesecarroll Anneliesecarroll

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I went to turkey and I met some people there. I didn't have my room key with me to get changed so I jumped in fully clothed with my friends at night.

Fizzy Fizzy

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Did this while in Tenerife a day before I was due to leave the island for good

lolypop13 lolypop13

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It was in a lake but it was still really fun. It was after Gazelle and I played dirty twister with our kids :)


Puritanical Puritanical

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Karlskronaplan, Malmö. Jumped in a fountain after a bar crawl. With my clothes on. 

itsteamaria itsteamaria

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The best and worst parts of being a synchro swimming coach <3

PrimroseHill PrimroseHill

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I accidentally completed this while on spring break in Destin, Florida. 

While trying to sit down by the pool, my friend fell in.

A few minutes later, I did the same. I was wearing my swimsuit underneath and shed my normal clothes. 

marnai marnai

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I jumped into a pool full of fifth graders...and yes, I was fully clothed - blue jeans, school t-shirt and everything. My students were thoroughly surprised...and thrilled!!!

crazyme788 crazyme788

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We had Prefect Training in Woldingham School, Surrey where they have their own indoor heated swimming pool. On the final day, I was one of the few people who didn't wear my swimming costume because I had no intention of getting in the pool and wear a wet swim-suit on the way home! Everybody wanted a team photo, so we all jumped in the pool together at the same time, and yes, I was fully clothed at the time!

abbygubler abbygubler

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jackmantia jackmantia

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It was a really cold pool!! But it was fun and definitely a new feeling ha ha I loved it, though I swam a bit before I went back and changed


Meriem Meriem

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Jumped in with Emir after a long boring night :)

camstack1films camstack1films

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I've done it, so funny and awesome


christinstuart christinstuart

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Ok so I was pushed but imma count it


harthaley828 harthaley828

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My two friends and I decided to do this one night. Hilarious. I couldn't move my clothes were so heavy.

hwilliamson hwilliamson

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New years eve at midnight entering 2011

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