Jump off a cliff into water

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Pickles Pickles

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 I have done this at two different locations. The first time I jumped at Green Pools it was the middle of winter and I had no idea how high the platform was. My friends said it was safe, so I just took my clothes off and ran out and leapt off. I can tell you the impact when hitting the water was nothing compared to the freezing cold scramble back up the wall to the top to get my clothes. I have been back there a few times to go surfing and to jump off the cliff.

I have also jumped off Jump Rock at Manly which is the photo with the boat in the back ground, its not that high but it is fun. I jumped off with a pair of flippers on once....not sure why, just seemed like a fun thing to do

EMSlist1999 EMSlist1999

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I guess have the guts to do it... On my 1st trip to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. There's this one island, it had an underwater cave on which theres an opening above and below of it. It is one of the most-adrenaline moments of my life. Hahaha. I nearly drown and I drink bit of water! It's very salty! But that's one of the things that I will only experience it ONCE only... Well at least I conquered my fear... :)

greennerdfighter greennerdfighter

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Well technically the cliff was not specifically high - maybe 3 meters above the water... Still it seemed pretty adventurous taking a header into the freezing cold water of the lagoon. Sky a deep grey, maybe 17°C outside, water a clear bottle green color. Still pretty amazing.


madelinerazo madelinerazo

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Would you believe me if i tell you I don't really know how to swim? But I did it anyway and I loved it!!!



Bettytaab Bettytaab

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 I have always been scared of jumping from any height to water, but on my last vacation to Mexico, I did it! I Jumped 

taliaroumeliotis taliaroumeliotis

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50ft Cliff at Slide Rock Park Arizona


Cupcakexcore Cupcakexcore

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This happened in New Zealand and it was easily 15 meters high. Such a rush I do not have words for it.  

SimplyYoungHQ SimplyYoungHQ

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Sri Lanka 2014


EmilyW EmilyW

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In Hawaii 


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Jumped off a cliff, not once but 2x down 40 ft into a body of water. It hurt like hell but it felt great jumping! What an adreneline rush!

rosie.kline.9 rosie.kline.9

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 I was at Nelson Ledges in Ohio.  I was a teenager, camping with friends.  Jumped off a ledge into the river.  All I can say is its one of my fondest memories as a teenager.  

Ogygia Ogygia

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I finished that this year, 2013, jumping off a 5 meter, or 15 feet, rock crag into a river. This was with a trip where we "river traced," known as river tracibng, where you hike along the river and do activities. Everything there was pretty safe if you followed directions; no one got hurt. Wearing a wet suit, helmet, and life jacket was part of the procedure. We fell backwards off a meter high (five foot) waterfall, floated down a continous waterfall, trudged behind some waterfalls, and jumped off 3 meter and 5 meter cliffs. I remember looking down off the five meter, taking a deep breath, and just falling. I just fell, the world a blur around me, and for a few seconds I flew downwards. Then I hit the water and everything was blue before I popped up again. It was something I will never forget nor regret doing.

Sketchkinley Sketchkinley

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Possibly hitting up Hermit Falls.

I went on my birthday 6/23/2014. I was wicked scared at first but loved it. I went off the 10-15 feet drop, wish I had the courage to hit the 30-40 feet drop. Next time with the go pro!


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