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BenNguyen BenNguyen

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Hermit Falls

TylerDurden TylerDurden

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This is a relatively small tick mark of the list, but I always wanted to do the jump off a cliff into a river or the ocean. I got my opportunity during my birthday weekend when me and a friend went away for the weekend to the Tsitsikamma in the Eastern Cape.

The Tsitsikamma is a fantastic little playpark with loads to do. Amongst a lot of activities, we participated in the black river rafting in the area. There were several jump, each one getting progressively higher and higher – building up ones courage. The final jump was the most demanding and by then most people jumping so far decided it was getting too high for their liking. I am quite the adventurous type, but I do have a bit of a fear for heights. This jump was approximately 14m high, almost 5 storeys. The pictures does not really show the high, but trust me, after the climb up the mountain edge to the jumping spot, you really have a bit of a heart pump going.

I was hesitant on the first jump, especially with all the other rafters watching and cheering you on. It was over in a split second. I had to try it again. Eventually the organisers called it by which stage I had done four jumps from this spot.

It’s really one of those things that each jump you get progressively more into it, and you just want to go a little higher each time. Although this counts as a tick mark, I will definitely do it again, probably from a much higher level, should I get the opportunity one day. Good fun all round.


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wjdslimjim wjdslimjim

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Did this first at a place called Calve's Pen on Lake George, NY.  50+ foot drop into the water. Here is a video I made of my weekend in Lake George.  There is a lot of jetskiing and tubing clips, but the cliff jumping shot comes at 2:12.  Its shot using the GoPro camera's headstrap. 


jackson.marfleet jackson.marfleet

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Weak in the knees...had to just close my eyes and go for it!

StephieKay StephieKay

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2012 - Pontoon boating at Percy Priest Lake in May

Jumped off a 40 foot cliff into the water below - twice

I really felt that the next day

Rachiebabyboo3 Rachiebabyboo3

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I have jumped off a cliff at Norris Lake, TN. I go there every year during the summer with my older brother, my little brother, my dad, and my sister-in-law's family. Its so fun. We stay for about a week.

Jumpgirl Jumpgirl

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Jumped off a cliff in Waimea Bay, HI.

Jennyisamegabamf Jennyisamegabamf

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GabrielleRH GabrielleRH

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Scary but fun!

YJawhar YJawhar

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One of the best things ever. The worst part was when leg got a stiff just as it touched the water; it became very hard & painful to swim back, but it was absolutely worth it.


thebards thebards

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I was a Freshman in college at VCC and went up with some friends (Purdy and Britney) to visit my buddy, Chad in Tallahassee. On that Saturday, we woke up and met up some of his frat brothers. We all loaded into the back of his Ranger and drove out some kind of national park which had a bunch of these huge sinkholes that had natural springs at the bottom. We told the ranger we were going for a picnic and found this sketchy spot that some older frat guys had told them about. We climbed under the fence and went down where there was a small ledge. It was about a 50 foot jump  and I was told the spring was 300 feet deep. After watching a few of the other guys jump in, I ran and dove and had enough time to yell, catch a breath and yell some more. It was both terrifying and exhilarating. I climbed out and on my second attempt, when I ran and dove, I somehow angled forward and did a 50 foot belly flop. Still not sure how I didn't break my ribcage but I lost my breath and was helped out by my buddy. Quite the adventure!


tuvshinzaya.amarzaya tuvshinzaya.amarzaya

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40 Feet! Awesome, with a side dish of full body slap :D


ooshkadoosh ooshkadoosh

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It wasn't that high but I'm afraid of falling and deep waters so before doing this I was so nerve-wracked!

eljaylaykspie eljaylaykspie

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I really want to jump off high places. My fear isn't height. It's falling. I could go jump off a cliff into water as long as I want to. But if I fall, that's where the fear kicks in. That's why I want to jump, not fall.


areynado areynado

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Jumped off cliff twice 

karthik karthik

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Jumped of a cliff in Hrishikesh.. into Ganga.. Multiple times!


Yepishinad Yepishinad

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2004 Portland, Maine with Dragunovi

MzRoxy MzRoxy

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At Fossil Creek in Strawberry, Arizona - at least 30 feet tall

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