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PerrineismyBae PerrineismyBae

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 I was straight and it was for me not a question that I asked myself, I loved boys, that it. But she was my friend for three years and my best friend, I started to care a lot about her, like really a lot. I started asking myself questions about how much I loved her, but I just told myself that it was because I care a lot about her, I can't love her, because I can't love a girl and she's my best friend !! it could ruin our friendship !!! So, I put this thought in a side of my head. for months. And a day, she looked at me, and kissed me. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was released. And still now we're together. I love her. And I hope spending my entire life with her. She's my soulemate. 

Milou Milou

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Me? no....

It depends of the girl, of course... 


Pracki Pracki

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Not just one girl. :D


babbelvd babbelvd

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Our yearly fair in Nijlen is always a huge party for all citizins! This kiss is with one of my best.. Deja vu every year! <3


greennerdfighter greennerdfighter

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toni.currington toni.currington

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 Plenty of times!

paperflake:) paperflake:)

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just 'cause i wanted to know how differently it feels compared to kissing a boy :p

it was a kiss goodbye at the bar tazmania ballroom with my bestie when a frd of mine came around to ride me home. we were both kinda drunk that late night and the peck with a girl was nth too special (or i was just too fucked up to tell the difference after those booze lol)


cintistef_94 cintistef_94

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Really Nice... no more to say! 

Nelly Nelly

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Done this many times. I'm lovin' it

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I kissed a girl and I liked it...

TheMargorita TheMargorita

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A harmless kiss, done for the amusement of others.

brittvilla brittvilla

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Can't give it 5 stars because that would just be weird. Which is kind of how it was to begin with. I've made out with 2 girls. Haley Faulkner and Morgan Hampton. Only solidified the fact that I am definitely into guys lol.


muddymelissa muddymelissa

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My first kiss...


lily.saint.t.aung lily.saint.t.aung

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Girl to Girl kissing - AMAZING <3 

ofarrell.liam ofarrell.liam

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Yeah did it. Don't fall in love with them though. It only brings you down.

lalorona lalorona

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I kissed a girl and i liked it 

Duggfrisk Duggfrisk

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I have kissed several girls. Some are more pleasant than others. Make sure the other person is okay with the kiss. I would say that kissing a girl is really nice. They are soft.

austin2001 austin2001

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That's my first kiss, and yup, I'm gay. Had it when I was 14 and it was like magic. Sadly, she left me a month ago 🤔🤔 

Mellowmn98 Mellowmn98

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What can I tell ;) . It was seriously awsm and an experience like never before! 

NikkiLynn193 NikkiLynn193

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My girlfriend was my first kiss

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