Kiss the Blarney Stone

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elfen elfen

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While I visited Ireland I went to Blarney and kissed the stone. Nice castle, but they do try to rip you off constantly...  

kokokelly23 kokokelly23

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According to legend, whoever kisses the Blarney Stone is gifted with eloquence and persuasiveness.

I got to do it twice....i think it cancelled itself out xD

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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I've been able to talk my way smoothly out of anything ever since ;)

bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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 I can only think of the many germs that are on that stone. I also heard afterwards that locals come after the castle is closed and piss on the stone... yuck!

Nick Spooky Nick Spooky

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 Castle was awesome

camille.humphrey camille.humphrey

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Kissed the blarney stone....Was almost too short for it. 

InspiredLife InspiredLife

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I came, I saw, I kissed -- the Blarney Stone!

LiziV LiziV

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Visited Cork with my sister, brother in law, husband and our kids.  Waited for an hour in line to kiss the famous stone, not sure it was worth the money but it's definitely something i can mark off the list, something fun to say i've actually been there and done that

Mainer22 Mainer22

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seller seller

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I actually did this twice. The first time was with my study abroad friends and the second was when I took my husband and friend back. It's in a beautiful park that a family owns and operates. A man holds onto you while you lean backwards over a very long drop to kiss the stone. It's kind of gross if you think that hundreds of people may kiss the same stone in a single day, but you only live once, right? It may not have granted me the "gift of gab," but I'm lucky to say I've done it. 


Bazza Bazza

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Cool, not what I expected

Taraoh1984 Taraoh1984

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Kissed the Blarney Stone in 2010

cupcakelove6 cupcakelove6

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i was very young, but i'll have to look back and make sure i did complete this!

sunnysmith sunnysmith

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Completed this a few years ago. Still a little grossed out by how many people have kissed it.

DISnerd DISnerd

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Sorry, I don't kiss and tell ;)


You actually have to climb a bunch of stairs first.  You then lay down and bend backwards while holding onto a rail because you are kinda leaning over a drop.  They also have a person or two to support you so you don't fall. 

RosaCathHampton RosaCathHampton

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Did this at the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden 2011, apparently I now have the gift of the gab

bridgetirwin bridgetirwin

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I kissed the Blarney Stone during a study abroad trip to Ireland in 2010. It was a very scary experience (you can see the ground while you're upsidedown!) but also a very good one. I bought the picture of me kissing the stone but left it behind in Galway by accident when we moved on to Dublin. All I have left now is this photo of a photo.

On a side note, the iphone of one of my classmates fell out of her pocket while she was kissing the stone and it didn't even get a scratch! Talk about the luck of the Irish!


NicoleAdrianFernandez NicoleAdrianFernandez

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I did this while on a trip to Europe in 2007.

keyleigh.watson keyleigh.watson

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Did it!!! 08/13!


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 2004 - kissed next to it, locals pee on it at night

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