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Laugh until I cry

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bluenwild bluenwild

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It started off with a couple of friends and me going to a bar. We were already having a fun night, when one of my friends mentioned she could bark like a chihuahua - and she did! We couldn't stop laughing and would have rolled over the floor if there hadn't been a table. My other friend starting to sing Who let the dogs out? made it even worse and I just couldn't stop laughing until I cried. Such an awesome night, even though it was pretty embarrassing, because this whole room was looking at us. Awk. haha

Only picture of that night...

Fatima Fatima

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My colleague told me a funny thing then I Laughed after it my eyes was wet was so funny and I cant forgot it :))

annaliesbronz annaliesbronz

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In Health class, we are watching a movie called Rick and Lonnie.

Me: Have you ever watched Rick and Lonnie? Mom: Is that a gay movie?

Me: *Rolls on the floor laughing*

     She resorted to an automatic conclusion by the names of two individuals. The movie does not have to do with sexuality.

strawberrishorts121 strawberrishorts121

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lol that moment..

suhani.aryal suhani.aryal

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every day

ZoeyGrace ZoeyGrace

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 We went to a corn maze. It was so fun!!!!! I was talking about it with my friends, and started to laugh-cry. We were like secret agents...

irishubbel irishubbel

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with mirthe van veldhuizen


jennhv7 jennhv7

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when it happens i hope i am with family our my dear friends...

nina.royocanlas nina.royocanlas

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Our high school reunion was a blasT! 

KellyHernandez KellyHernandez

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I love my siblings and we love to hang out. With my young brother I laugh so hard and it is even funnier when the whole family is together and we share stories and jokes. I simply love them. Ilike to laugh so I also laugh until I cry with my friends :)

yoitsdomka yoitsdomka

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I laugh until I cry a lot, actually :) I guess I'm lucky to be friends with two of the funniest/wittiest people I know, who most importantly understand each other and me without words. Lots of good times since childhood - and counting! :D

Dinosaurgorawr Dinosaurgorawr

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I am not sure if I ever have or not

Dominicana7792 Dominicana7792

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I saw that someone on their list and was kind of surprised...I laugh at everything so i do this on a daily basis.     =p



dz2dizzy dz2dizzy

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I never thought this was actually possible

echapman82 echapman82

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My husband makes me laugh till I cry multiple times a week! I am a lucky girl!

bremnecg bremnecg

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I have actually done this a few times and its hilarious. I get in these laughing fits so bad I lay on the floor. I can't stop hysterically laughing for about 5 full minutes and then it turns into tears. It's pretty weird but very fun.

100yearstolivee 100yearstolivee

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I think that could quite possibly be the best feelin in the worldd.

AlisonWilkinson AlisonWilkinson

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Me and Vee lying on Hope's bed.

'Hope, if you like, gain a hundered pounds, and I like, lose a hundered pounds, can I have that jacket?'


'Aww, why? Vee! Put extra BUTTAAHHH on her toast!'

'What will you have?'

'A stick of celeryyyyyy!'

'Or a slice!?'

'Only at christmas!'

:') We couldn't breathe we laughed so much.

Bellethiell Bellethiell

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Mom and I did this a lot. <3

peeciella peeciella

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I do this everytime I laugh hard ;D

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