Learn how to crack an egg with one hand

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Ianroberts66 Ianroberts66

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Easy!! :)

wahoowa wahoowa

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My egg-sperience was okay although my form was a little off.

ninabruja ninabruja

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Easier than I thought. Just crack the egg on side of a bowl then use fingers to separate the shell and voila! the yolk falls out! :-) 

banditleap11 banditleap11

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 Maybe this is not as hard as people think, or I have real talent, cause the first time I tried it, i could do it, and have done it ever since.


VanceU VanceU

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 Watched a couple of online videos.  Practiced and now I can do it.  Made scrambled eggs for fun.

stephanie.draut stephanie.draut

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Taught myself how to crack an egg with one hand at age 13. Saw it on Food Network and got started. Definitely plenty of mistakes, but when i finally got the hang of it...so handy! Even my mom doesnt know how. maybe i should teach her....

mareferg mareferg

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 I do this every time I crack an egg!  So much more efficient than two hands.

NLscoutGirl NLscoutGirl

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sometimes there are bits of eggshell but I can do it already


Lumpy-Chunkz Lumpy-Chunkz

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Eggs have always been my favorite food so it only seemed right to learn to crack an egg with one hand. 😊

lmc131 lmc131

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 Can do two at once =]

ebrutongel2 ebrutongel2

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 I've done it my time :)

drewcarey12 drewcarey12

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McDonald's cook. enough said..

lh4032 lh4032

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Efficiency as long as you skip dropping the shells

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I cook eggs at least a couple times a week. I am getting pretty pro at cracking eggs haha =p 


srblake77 srblake77

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When I was five. Not really worth a bucket list mention...

JewelzyBug JewelzyBug

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I'm not sure how this is complicated? I have never done it any other way. :O)

InsaneMama InsaneMama

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**That date is not correct!!**

When people see me do this they say you must cook a lot. I do it sometimes and I don't even notice it.

Jespey Jespey

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I did the the other day for the first time while making pad Thai. It took a long time and did not look graceful... But it's a start :D I wouldn't say if learnt it just yet!!

Update: 22.8.13

I have been activly working on this for a few weeks now. I figured out the best way not to smash up the shell or get the egg all over my hands and bench and then it was a case of working on my dexterity as I found it very difficult to get my hands to move reliably in the way I wanted them to. 

Last night I used 3 eggs for dinner and I was pretty excited that I craked all 3 neatly with one hand! I think I can say I have figured this skill out now :D

coolnessman77 coolnessman77

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I warched a video on youtube and i was able to crack an egg with one hand. it's easy now


KitReedus KitReedus

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I dunno when I learned this, but my mom is just as impressed every time I do it. 

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