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FiveByFive FiveByFive

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I've been going on the ice with my daughter since the beginning of 2015. It's been fun teaching her to move around on her own, but now it's time to focus on me and step it up.

The rink near my job has a learn to skate program for all ages, which I'll be enrolled in for 5 weeks.

Since finish LTS, I've been taking private lessons weekly. The journey continues.

Update Feb 2017

Still at it. Getting ready to start with MITF tests and started a Youtube channel to track progress: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNHQCEVO1lK3G6tAYDLC3g


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Skating is absolutely awesome. You feel like you are gliding over the ground... which you technically are.  I am canadian so i use hockey skates... :P 

wizardxander wizardxander

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it was my first time to ice skate. and i didnt thought i know how. haha. i was a roller blader back then. it was just the same. so when i first step on the ice. suddenly, i can ice skate and it was amazing. discovered something that i didnt know.


Celeryy1 Celeryy1

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i went with my youth club iceskating

aareeeba aareeeba

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hard to maintain your balance! but yu learn overtime :D 

TheShaikhAble TheShaikhAble

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I tried ice skating for the first time in grade 8. I remember going to fast and didn't know how to break, fell right on my stomach. It knocked the wind out of me. It scared me for awhile until I realized what a basic skill it was to know.By my third year of university, I had to learn to skate. So I bought some Ice skates from goodville and went to my local community center for the whole day. I fell alot but got right back up, by the end of the day, I had learned how to balance myself. I felt proud after that whenever I went out on dates or with friends ice skating that I no longer needed to hold someones hand. They held my hand for balance.

evelyn_is_a_bee evelyn_is_a_bee

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 Cant believe I did in my first time haha. Absolutely a funny experience.

ZoeJonesxo ZoeJonesxo

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Not the best but love it!

HoneyBea89 HoneyBea89

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It was actually easier than I thought it was going to be.

Who knew, of ALL places, that I'd learn within 10 minutes in the Philippines?  

katrinaannv katrinaannv

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It was my first time to do this and it was on a New Year!! I had a lot of fun with my friend. The first step on ice was really hard, that I couldn't get my feet moving the right way. I kept on slipping and couldn't get my balance. It wasn't so easy but I kept trying and trying until after almost an hour holding on the wall of the rink, I was able to walk a little bit. There was a 5-year old boy who was skating like a pro with his dad, and that boy inspired me a lot to keep on going. Ooops! I didn't fell off to tell you guys! Haha! So I think that wasn't bad for a first-timer! Hahaha!

Warlock Warlock

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ice skating is so magestic man

Kinga Kinga

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 It was nice to glide on the ice, without really needing to take a step.

Mikouska Mikouska

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Learned ice-skating when I was around 5 years old.


LizzieD. LizzieD.

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Cet hiver...  

mich.scat mich.scat

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Took ice-skating lessons for years when I was young.

Cinder121 Cinder121

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learned how to ice skate with the girl scouts

_beyza_x3_ _beyza_x3_

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rannarose97 rannarose97

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In 7th grade my boyfriend taught

darkautumn darkautumn

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I took figure skating lessons as a child. I prefer free skating/speed skating with hockey blades though:)

briannanicole_ briannanicole_

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Completed in New York

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