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kikslali kikslali

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 During high school my classmates got obsessed over the movie 21 and one game lead to another, and we ended up playing poker during breaks through the entire 9th grade

sjc sjc

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I brought a deck of cards to the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere since I knew we would be there for a few hours (4). Lindsay (Schoenfield) taught me how to play while we waited in line at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. :)


blindwordss blindwordss

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P-p-p-poker face, p-p-p-poker face.


SparksandButterflies SparksandButterflies

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Alcohol, bluff, chips, dealer, easter, flop, gamble, house, in, jacks, kings, losing, money, newbies, oooooo, poker, queens, raise, stake, turn, up the ante, victorious, winnings, yay, zzzzzzz

nicks596 nicks596

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 Taught the basic's by Ms. Rachel Tyler - though I'm absoultly no good! Thank god it was monopoly money otherwise I would have lost my shirt...

Scarlett-Rivers Scarlett-Rivers

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I don't know why more women don't do it. It's hella fun!


Shironeko Shironeko

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My cousin taught me.


mjlb452 mjlb452

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bored2pieces2 bored2pieces2

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Turns out I don't have a good poker face. But I play a lot of Zynga Poker. I'm a card shark if you can't see me or hear my voice. 

abriah abriah

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 My dad taught me when I was little. But I forgot how to play.  So I learned how to again with my boy-friend, and friends. My friends taught me how, it's kind of easy. We stayed up till 3 AM playing! Thanks guys ;)

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