Learn how to ride a bike

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Smiz Smiz

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 Without this skill id never of had the best child hood ever. And i probably wouldnt have as many scars as i do now if i hadnt learnt tho lol

Aleida Aleida

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 Learned twice:

  1. When I was 5 or so, here in Italy, but I soon stopped because in Milan there were no bike lanes. I totally forgot how to do it and I would try to ride my bike as if I was riding a horse. Cringeworthy.
  2. When I was spending my au-pair year in Sweden, in 2015. It was the beginning of spring, ice was melting and I was feeling extremely confident because I had just earned my B2 in Swedish two months after I arrived. I decided to try riding my bike and I realized it was actually very natural.

Now I'm back in Milan and I still ride every now and then, not nearly as much as I would like to, but it's better than nothing :)

banditleap11 banditleap11

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I did this when I was like 5😆I started learning by riding it around in our kitchen, (the house I used to live in was big, so I learned in there cause it was winter😜

Jamieturner Jamieturner

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My daddy taught me

Jamieturner Jamieturner

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I learned when I was in the fourth grade my dad taught me


rijamadzeketa88 rijamadzeketa88

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I like it. 

tiaraamany tiaraamany

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I learned how to bike when I was a kid, and it has been one my favorite sports till this day. Even now in college, I often borrow the campus's bike to ride to my major.


DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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Like most other kids, they were given a bike for a birthday when they were younger just like I was and I absolutely loved it. It was a glittery pink with pink and silver tassles on the sides of the handle bars and I would ride it for hours and hours on end and then the day came along where I decided I wanted to ride a bike without the stabilisers and my dad took them off for me and from then I managed to learn to ride a bike.  

dumbums dumbums

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   I was seven when I first laid my eyes upon the red beauty glistening in the mid summers light. I climbed upon the leathery seat as I sat my bottom upon it.

I fell at first.

But a couple hours later, I accomplished my life long dream





to suck an egg.

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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 I learned to ride a bicycle in the Spring of 1967.

j.nagtalon j.nagtalon

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 I learned how to ride a bike when i was 8 years old. I would always have to hit a wall to stop, since i would always panic and wouldnt know what to do.

nadiab_18 nadiab_18

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I was 6 years old and my bike was hot pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


patriciahoffman patriciahoffman

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That was my first time so obviously i had some troubles with coordination my body in time and space. I don't know why but I would not ride a bike straight like normal people do. Automatically my body would ride it to the right side. 

I still do not know how to change it, but I kinda did overcome the first few second of finding balance and then everything went smoother. It felt so right and fun to ride a bike! I would never even imagine it feels that way!

I am pretty sure I forgot how to ride it already and the next time will be just as hard as the first one. But it totally worth it


P.s. me and the dog on the pic look just the same lol

elusby elusby

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When I was a kid 

cyber.angel1643 cyber.angel1643

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fell too much..


heyitsssssmace heyitsssssmace

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 I learned how to ride my bike when we were camping. I first started out with my mom helping me but once I got around the corner I was off and by myself. I tumbled and fell of my bike a couple of times but i kept getting up and get back on my bike.


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Aaaaa childhood. 

workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 Can't remember when I learned. But this is from triathlon in 2016

laura.samvelyan laura.samvelyan

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I studied in Germany for 6 months. My University was a 30-minute walk away from my dorm, so I decided to rent a bike to cut that time in half. I went to the rent shop, while my friends told me they would wait for me and teach me how to ride it to my dorm. By the time I was done they had already left. So there I was 30 minutes walking distance away from my home with a bike and a heavy bag. I got on that green-yellow bad boy and rode it home like a pro... and by that I mean I almost had 20 heart attacks before I got to my dorm. I didn't die though. And that's how I learned to ride a bike - by myself.

xxgemmaxxskipper xxgemmaxxskipper

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Learnt this a while a go, and do not take advantage of it as much as i should, i need to ride my bike more


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