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ssiaosi ssiaosi

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sergiu.cipcigan sergiu.cipcigan

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Went to Les 2 ALpes after just 3 months of snowboarding, like a few times only, and it was awesome :D

Aly_Lou12 Aly_Lou12

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13 years old.


ahaue ahaue

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  det var sjovt

micky_t micky_t

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Learn how to a sufficient standard using artificial slopes and then go on holiday to a good snowboarding location to do it for real.  Would love to visit Canada and Japan when I'm good at it.  

I've since visited Pamporovo, Bulgaria for a snowboarding holiday where I met some great people and was killing it on greens, blues and reds.  Can't wait for my next snowboarding holiday!

hereweg0 hereweg0

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I love the mountains!

rovie.dovie rovie.dovie

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My very first snowboard lesson is in Alpe d'Huez (current location as of March 2014). I work here for the winter season as a receptionist in a hotel and I took the opportunity to learn how to snowboard since we're not far from the ski resort. Blues and  bruises I got but I'm very glad for the experience. 

jewishdevil jewishdevil

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Snowboarding took place earlier in the day and was quite difficult!  For fear of breaking my camera, I decided to keep it put away until the snowboard was switched for skis, an activity that is much more my forte!

Joachim Joachim

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I actually did this in an OL... eh... thing


jmedios89 jmedios89

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A painful thing to learn but oh so funnnnn! 


keepitsecret.keepitsafe keepitsecret.keepitsafe

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Or at least learn how to not kill myself while snowboarding ;)


doreneperez doreneperez

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 Won't do that again, broke my wrist.

sportygrl325 sportygrl325

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my boyfriend at the time taught me. i had a lot of fun even though i fell a lot

Rachelle Rachelle

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I'm still not good at it, but hey I can move with the board after I took a lesson haha!

lulufan lulufan

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- Cervinie, Italy, 2013 

- Val Thorent, France, 2014  

jennb510 jennb510

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Lake Tahoe would be the closest. Snowboard lessons are absolutely necessary. I have a good balance and am pretty athletic. When I went snowboarding for the first time (in the most beautiful snow of Denver, Colorado!), I couldn't get on my feet for more than a second. No joke! By the end of my 1 hour try, I was mad, upset, frustrated, sore, tired and hungry all at the same time..such a defeat and test of the mind and body. My mind told me, "I can do this, get up!" My body said, "No more! Get these tight boots off my sore feet!". I know that taking formal lessons will do a great deal of good. So where do I sign up??!

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