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marialex_s marialex_s

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You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf! 


Lea Lea

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katemasten katemasten

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 Surfers Paradise 2012

msjennyrose msjennyrose

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Learned to surf in the beautiful beaches of Del Mar and Solana Beach near San Diego.  BIG thanks Surf Divas!!  Best surfing schools for girls, ladies and cougars! :)


Janneruszkowski Janneruszkowski

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Op reis naar Zarautz. We hadden deze gratis reis gewonnen met 20 vriendinnen

micool52 micool52

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Surfing on Kuta Beach with Scarlett 

jenmcduf jenmcduf

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Leared to surf.... Maybe not leared to stand up for a good 5 minutes. Heaven help all the people in my way. 

bucketmaster bucketmaster

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 Surfing is AWESOME. If I lived near a beach I would do it all the time. Even wiping out was ok, because surfing is so fun.   


Phie Phie

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The beaches of Peru are popular for surfing. Never having surfed before, I thought it was a good opportunity to give it a try. So I subscribed for a lesson in an office that advertised 'If you cannot stand on your board by the end of this lesson, you'll get your cash back.' I didn't get my money back, or in other words: I managed to stand on my board and 'surf some waves'. Yay! 

beth.calder.71 beth.calder.71

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 Last summer, my family and I traveled to Australia for our holiday and whilst out there my sister and I decieded to learm how to surf so we found a local company and spent two hours learning how to surf :)

laura.a18 laura.a18

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Junior year, Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii. On our first day of our Hawaii vacation we took surfing lessons. Our guide was super cool and liked our family so we had fun learning. I was surprised at how easy it was, I didn't realize that Derek was doing all of the work for us. We all got up multiple times and rode the waves to shore. The hardest part was swimming back out to catch another wave, it's an arm workout! A few days later we rented boards and went out to try again, this time less successfully. I got up once but fell right back under when my board flipped. I still had an awesome time surfing and hope I can learn more and become better in the future.

inesje.d inesje.d

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dirtywings dirtywings

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This is something I wanted to do for SO long. I had been planning this entire surfing trip to Costa Rica, but my roommate/best friend and I had only been able to take a week off work, and when we got there, there were so many other things to pack in that we only ended up taking one surf lesson. But it was totally worth it! 

Our instructor was the absolute coolest. He was so laid back (as everyone is in my favourite place on Earth, Puerto Viejo). He lived in the jungle. He didn't spend half the lesson on the sand teaching us techniques as a teacher may have over here. He got us right into the water and we both stood up after about 20 minutes! We rode little wave after little wave and it was truly awesome. Afterwards, our instructor ran up the beach and disappeared. He came back with a fresh pineapple and a knife, and cut it up for us right there on the beach. So perfect. 


AlishaCoenders AlishaCoenders

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In the summer of '13 I decided to go to surf camp, and it was one of the best experiences.  


marmari123 marmari123

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Learned two years ago. Love it! Surfer for life


jzsaliba jzsaliba

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 April 13, 2014

Had a great time with my friends (Ana&Danica) at La Union and finally, after an hour of extreme direct sunlight, we learned how to surf! :)

marie.b.becker.1 marie.b.becker.1

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5 days of camping, food included and 2-3 lessons a day! Exhausting but fun!

angela_houser angela_houser

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Surfing at Waikiki was a blast!


msherry msherry

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 Patrick started to teach me how to surf when I visited him in San Pedro, CA in October 2014! It's hard! But I got up once...before the foam, surf board broke..


jacquemet.lou jacquemet.lou

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Treated myself for my 22nd birthday: a weekend to surf camp!

Coolest weekend ever! 

Took some more classes in the South France, Biarritz. If you're in Europe and wanna learn, that's the place to go!

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