Learn how to use chopsticks

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laura.samvelyan laura.samvelyan

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Learned how to use chopsticks during Korean Language class before the professor told us we were going to learn how to make kimbap in the next class. Weeks later we even performed in Korean Language - singing a song about traveling. 


elinaanna elinaanna

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 not so hard..

Caleb Sim Caleb Sim

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Grand! Used my new-found chopstick skills to feed myself new-found treasure (parcels of gold) (not actual gold, just to clarify for anyone who doesn't know) known as pork dumplings. Was very combustible.

BillBarton BillBarton

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Didnt take long at all really! I always use these now when i am having a Chinese meal :-)

Claudiag143 Claudiag143

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Start with the training chopsticks. After a few times you will pick it up pretty quickly. 


chilli.hodgson chilli.hodgson

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Ahh, using chopsticks is EASY!



occa93 occa93

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Did a 5 month internship in Shanghai, I learned it there so I wouldn't starve :D


sarahm1391 sarahm1391

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My new singaporean friend laughed at me when i couldn't figure them out at my first time in Yo Sushi! So i took the chopsticks home and practised for 2 days straight even when i was watching tv! Now i am able to pick things up and especially Sushi...I still need to see if i can do noodles though!


UPDATE: I can do noodles and one day I actually ate two meals of noodles all with chopsticks!

jaucet jaucet

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i have my own method and it works just right 

Valkilik Valkilik

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I have never used chopsticks before and we had just moved to South Korea where everyone uses them. I had to learn real quick how to use them properly. I t was fun and to this day, when I eat some foods, I still use chopsticks.


Lisaasbroek Lisaasbroek

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At a dinner with work.


shahna.christine shahna.christine

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I wouldn't really count this as a bucket list item. I learnt how to use chopsticks while in Univeristy. It was because of pure laziness. If I used chopsticks I wouldn't have to wash silverwear. 

Now I eat at least one meal a week with them. 


ikaankeskin ikaankeskin

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I always wondered how asian people ate! :)

SB92 SB92

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Went for dinner with my friend Nick to a Chinese restaurant and thought it would be the perfect place to try and learn to use chopsticks. Have to say I tried and FAILED! :P But had fun attempting it :) Plus it's another thing crossed off my list!


Marisa Marisa

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 I don't know how but I just could. 

JenM JenM

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Went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and attempted to use chopsticks.  The waitress brought these out for me to practice with.  They helped and now I can use chopsticks! 

QueenBeeDea QueenBeeDea

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Oh I mastered it :P :P

vildefs vildefs

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Learned this in the States, as an exchange student. We went to this Chinese restaurant all the time, so I kind of felt that I had to learn it! It was very useful on my trip to Hong Kong (the picture).  

Dream_maker Dream_maker

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My mother has worked at a Chinese restaurant for my entire life. When I was younger she taught me how to use chopsticks so I could eat with her co-workers. Later on in life my step mother retaught me and i can still eat with them today. 

ines ines

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