Learn how to use chopsticks

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Fatima Fatima

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I'm happy now because √¨ love asian foods and i wished to learn easy way to use chopsticks ūüėćūüėôūüėö

aruna.peravali82 aruna.peravali82

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Learn to eat with chopsticks

daenarys91 daenarys91

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I didn't have a particularly hard time learning how to use chopsticks. I don't think Matt did either. In 2015, we've been to Hyper Japan twice and I managed to pick up the below Sailor Moon chopsticks that I had desperately wanted. I still prefer using chopsticks to western cutlery now. I also have a beautiful pair of blue ones with silver cats on and matching authentic Japanese homeware cat plate, bowl and ramen spoon. 


banditleap11 banditleap11

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 Had a cousin who recently returned from living in Japan for a couple years, who showed me the "ins and outs" of using chopsticks. 

vildefs vildefs

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Learned this in the States, as an exchange student. We went to this Chinese restaurant all the time, so I kind of felt that I had to learn it! It was very useful on my trip to Hong Kong (the picture).  

dlodaze dlodaze

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I used them to eat my first dumplings. Completed March 15 2015. 

jaucet jaucet

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i have my own method and it works just right 

WanderlustingFoodie WanderlustingFoodie

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Easy peezy


Caraline_Nelson Caraline_Nelson

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I've been using them since I was small 

eternaljitters eternaljitters

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As soon as I stopped trying so hard, I figured it out! 

ines ines

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elizabethortiz137 elizabethortiz137

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FINALLY I CAN USE THEM. Before I'd have to stab my food with them, but I think I've got the hang of them now. Why did I ever even use silverware, when theres chopsticks.



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Well I love rice very much. I love Eastern Cuisine as well (I eat noodles with different flavors way too often). But the REAL reason I began using chopsticks was to reduce the amount of food I intake. Well it did work for short time (the period I used to learn how to use them), but now I eat fast with both fork and sticks. So yeah... One more goal accomplished anyway!

elinaanna elinaanna

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 not so hard..

laura.samvelyan laura.samvelyan

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Learned how to use chopsticks during Korean Language class before the professor told us we were going to learn how to make kimbap in the next class. Weeks later we even performed in Korean Language - singing a song about traveling. 


Dream_maker Dream_maker

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My mother has worked at a Chinese restaurant for my entire life. When I was younger she taught me how to use chopsticks so I could eat with her co-workers. Later on in life my step mother retaught me and i can still eat with them today. 

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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  My friend taught me and I can use them to eat rice.

SB92 SB92

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Went for dinner with my friend Nick to a Chinese restaurant and thought it would be the perfect place to try and learn to use chopsticks. Have to say I tried and FAILED! :P But had fun attempting it :) Plus it's another thing crossed off my list!


Jessica96088 Jessica96088

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It may seem small to most people, but for me, it was big. I did it. It may not have been perfect, but nothing ended up in my lap. I'll call that a win!

sarahm1391 sarahm1391

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My new singaporean friend laughed at me when i couldn't figure them out at my first time in Yo Sushi! So i took the chopsticks home and practised for 2 days straight even when i was watching tv! Now i am able to pick things up and especially Sushi...I still need to see if i can do noodles though!


UPDATE: I can do noodles and one day I actually ate two meals of noodles all with chopsticks!

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