Learn how to use chopsticks

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sarahm1391 sarahm1391

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My new singaporean friend laughed at me when i couldn't figure them out at my first time in Yo Sushi! So i took the chopsticks home and practised for 2 days straight even when i was watching tv! Now i am able to pick things up and especially Sushi...I still need to see if i can do noodles though!


UPDATE: I can do noodles and one day I actually ate two meals of noodles all with chopsticks!

ikaankeskin ikaankeskin

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I always wondered how asian people ate! :)

gypsy131300 gypsy131300

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 I learned when I was 13. 

Jessica96088 Jessica96088

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It may seem small to most people, but for me, it was big. I did it. It may not have been perfect, but nothing ended up in my lap. I'll call that a win!

NescaBk NescaBk

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With Matt and Christine eating Tai food 

confusering confusering

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My friend Mia taught me how to use chopsticks when we were eating sushi. I felt so accomplished when I finally got it. 

Mhavehope Mhavehope

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I learned it in one day, but i gained strenght in my fingers doing it for almost every meal for the last 2 years xD

BillBarton BillBarton

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Didnt take long at all really! I always use these now when i am having a Chinese meal :-)

TheMargorita TheMargorita

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I perfected using chop sticks while eating sushi because I like to dip it in soy sauce with wasabi & that can get messy!

makacioras makacioras

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really fun way to eat just feel better .


JenM JenM

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Went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and attempted to use chopsticks.  The waitress brought these out for me to practice with.  They helped and now I can use chopsticks! 

chentonello chentonello

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Still not a pro but compared before, I now have the knowledge ( haha! ) on how to properly use chopsticks! Thanks to my friend, Leah! 

shahna.christine shahna.christine

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I wouldn't really count this as a bucket list item. I learnt how to use chopsticks while in Univeristy. It was because of pure laziness. If I used chopsticks I wouldn't have to wash silverwear. 

Now I eat at least one meal a week with them. 


Claudiag143 Claudiag143

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Start with the training chopsticks. After a few times you will pick it up pretty quickly. 


Lisaasbroek Lisaasbroek

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At a dinner with work.


sashikuchan sashikuchan

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Chopsticks are fun to use when eating rice and noodles. ^^

aruna.peravali82 aruna.peravali82

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Learn to eat with chopsticks

AlessandraCalypso AlessandraCalypso

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Since I use chopsticks like they are an extension of myself, teaching my friends the art of eating with sticks gives me great pleasure. Especially when my instruction helps them enjoy sushi in the way it was originally intended, between two bamboo sticks <3

makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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Learning how to use chop sticks was something I never thought I'd do. I hold me pencils differently than most folk so learning to train my hand to hold chopsticks was quite a task. I eventually succeeded due to the instruction on lots of people and mostly trial and error. At school whenever I would get pad thai I would try to use chopsticks to eat and slowly got the hang of it with noodles and whenever I would go out to sushi with my friends I had no choice but to use them. That resulted in a lot of fallen sushi and meals that took almost twice as long to complete than they normally would. It was a long and messy process but I can now proudly say that  I can get food into my mouth using two thin cylinders of wood.

guost guost

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it is so easy

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