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 To all the idiots out there: YOU DO NOT KNOW ASL IF YOU JUST KNOW THE ALPHABET!!  

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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I learned ASL in a class at Murrieta Valley HIgh School. It is the most fun language to learn and has a very special place in society. The deaf live all around the world and having a conversation with them means much more then a person that has an entire country to speak too.

tomtom.roklion tomtom.roklion

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Taiwan sign language (for performance)

123bliss 123bliss

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i learnt sign language from a young age i mean i'm not fluent at it but i'm okay and can understand most of it as some of my friends are death/ almost death  

simplysonja simplysonja

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I took part in a play designed as a ¨theater of shadows¨ . The play had a simulations sign language translation that I performed with one more college also called Sonja. It was around 20 sentences that I needed to memorize and it was pretty fun. 

Hoping to learn more.


eternaljitters eternaljitters

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I'm no longer fluent, but I'll get there again.  

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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Learn the American sign language alphabet.


justcallmeroy justcallmeroy

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I learned the basics and can have a general conversation but nothing too advanced not yet anyway

LesCo75 LesCo75

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Completed American Sign Language Level 1. Plan on starting level 2 soon.

GGTwentyFive GGTwentyFive

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I've started learning, but I'm not fluent in sign language...yet ;D

OlgaBerenika OlgaBerenika

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I'm slowly doing this and though it will probably take ages, I'm having fun.

I'm doing it as exchange lessons, I found a girl (more or less my age) who lives close to my workplace and at lunchtime (or any other time I'm free) we do the exchange: I teach her English and she teaches my sign language.

And, surprisingly, by chance I might have found a very good material for a friend :) who knows?

HoneyBea89 HoneyBea89

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I'm basic now! :)

username username

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It was such an experience! And I had the opportunity to be taught by a deaf person, mr. Thanasis, and his lovely wife, mrs. Lia! So happy that I've met them.

aliaabdulla aliaabdulla

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Completed BSL 1

Christiehannah Christiehannah

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I learnt sign language for around 2 or 3 years in primary school, i felt good to be able to communicate with people who are less fortunate not to have the ability to hear in the same way as us.

msolivares msolivares

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I'm learning more and more every day

Jessi Jessi

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There is a girl at my school who is deaf. She really likes talking too me. She has seribale pausy as well as being deaf. She is a lovely funny girl. I went on the AUSLAN website and learnt to talk to her. In the beginning she was really happy that someone was trying to talk to her. Her name is Leila.

Feather Feather

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Totally worth doing because you can communicate no matter what, and with absolutely everyone...it makes you feel good because you can use it to help people!!!

lpb07659 lpb07659

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with the help of shelby!


babeshee babeshee

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i learnt patience and the vaue of hands and fingers and my hearing....was a humbling experience

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