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GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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 I took a belly dancing course and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was terrible when we added the finger zills. I can't do two things at once lol

Jamiebucketlistgoals Jamiebucketlistgoals

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I have been belly dancing for 10 years now since i was 17 wow that's a long time lol.... I'm in the red dancing lol   

jkwbucket jkwbucket

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I have been belly dancing for 10 years now since i was 17 wow thats a long time lol.... Im in the red dancing lol


hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I did this for my senior project in high school. I had so much fun and my teacher was a hoot. I can even belly dance with a basket on my head.

Eligia Eligia

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I don't exactly remember when I started to learn belly dance, but I remember it was in high school - and it was fun :)


kat.paddington kat.paddington

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With aimee in Tunisia

Samanthamum Samanthamum

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I tried belly dance after a new friend told me she had been taking classes. I was nervous to take the classes, but the moves actually weren't too difficult and after about two months of practice, I performed with the group at a local street fair. I'm glad I got the experience because I have wanted to learn belly dance for many years. It is so much fun and SO rewarding. It feels great to move my body in this new way. The only negative is that the troupe seems to kind of exoticize the dance. I am afraid that it may cross over into cultural appropriation, which I am not comfortable with. I am taking a break from dancing, but may go back for more after summer ends. I just need to do more research.

sami.garcia sami.garcia

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 Learned all the basics from an amazing woman who set up a dance studio in her home.  She gave us lessons for free. Wonderful experience!

Andy87 Andy87

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It was a great experien:D I made a course :D


mbrewer mbrewer

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I love this style of dance because you need some fat to make it work unlike a lot of dance 

lara121 lara121

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kaly.haznedarevic kaly.haznedarevic

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Xiomy Xiomy

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Excellent way to know your body.  Make you sexy even when you think your not. 


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