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Azar Azar

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my mom was sick and I try to cook .so i do it !

very nice :)


shamelan86 shamelan86

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Homemade Ravoli and Dumplings and make them taste good!

tomtom.roklion tomtom.roklion

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Learn by survive by myself for one entire high-school summer


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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 I can follow recipes really well, but I'm absolutely crap otherwise. It's something, at least.

dewilde dewilde

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The first time ever I cooked a meal all by myself was when I was sixteen. It was on valentine's day for my boyfriend. I decided to make pasta with salmon and spinach.

For the first time; It was delicious!

jwi61 jwi61

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I experienced quite some skils through time from my wife but now I did some workshops Chinese cooking.

Delicious !

WanderlustingFoodie WanderlustingFoodie

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I now can make ethnic food... good old fashioned, southern oxtails and grits... fancier food like stuffed mushrooms and lite and healthy meals.


Romit Romit

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Its been 7 months im working part-time and each time either I burn or cut myself.. food is delicious and people are amazing. all the cooks are weird, crazy talented stoners. totally worth it and there is so much to learn.

dustinm dustinm

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I've learned to cook several full meals including fish, beef, steak and chicken.

nay_x_nay nay_x_nay

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I can know cook Indian, Italian, Caribbean and English. Soon will try with the African dishes.

Lynnemien Lynnemien

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Toen ik op kot ging heb ik de eerste jaren vooral overleefd op de maaltijden die mijn lieve mams me meegaf. Gaandeweg toch mijn eigen potje beginnen koken en mijn kookkunsten zijn tegenwoordig echt wel "on point" :)


karenmehansen karenmehansen

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I learned how to do really good thai food! 

iloveariannagrand123 iloveariannagrand123

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i really want to become a singer but learning how too cook is not bad


marleneacosta marleneacosta

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Aun me hace falta tomar clases de cocina, sin embargo ya no me muero de hambre estando yo sola.. ademas las personas ya recurren a mi para que les prepare mi platillo.. que en realidad no es tan complicado, pero igual me hace sentir bien :)


aviraj55 aviraj55

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 Prepared butter chicken & Paneer butter masala exactly same as served in 5 star hotels by watching sanjeev kapoor khaana khazana videos

row.azland row.azland

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 Proud owner of a Culinary Arts Diploma by University of Tolouse abd Taylor's University

hariprasadp013 hariprasadp013

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I hv learned cook many dishes.. including chicken curry, rice, fish fry. It's a life saver now.

magstergirlygirl magstergirlygirl

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Learned how in a food and nutrition class! 



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Cook all the time!! Best with friends or kids! Latest success was a lego cake from scratch!



Juve Juve

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 Cooking is absolutely amazing :D I can't believe there was a time I thought I'm not ever gonna do that. Lol. Cooking is best, really. And knowing I CAN do that is smashing, really. Ever since I've had to put up with my diet I had to learn to cook different things all over again, but it's still soo enjoyable!

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