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Some people from the acro yoga community showed me the basics of juggling. I can juggle a little and my record is about 15 catches. I'm still working on learning to throw at the perfect height to the perfect location. I can't juggle efficiently standing in one place yet but moving I'm pretty good. 

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The most useful I learned in college

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Ok - so I learnt to do this a few years ago...

...but it was acually when I was traveling in Niger on a road trip across the Timia Desert.  We were with a Tuareg guide in an overland truck with 2 French and 1 English guy with a nose ring (who all the locals called 'Alam' (Tamashek for camel).

The boys told me to walk and toss the balls - whch actually worked and I never ran out of sand to do it - literally.


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Piece of pieeee :)

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