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Mikouska Mikouska

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I got my first guitar when I was 13 years old, so about nine years ago. It was Yamaha Erg-131 and wasn't the world's best guitar but good for beginner like me. After that I have self-learned playing by using programs like GuitarPro etc.

I've had couple of Jackson rr24's, one Ibanez 7-stringed and nowadays I have this cool colored Jackson Soloist. Once in while I've had seasons when I didn't have guitar at all. But now I'm gonna shred with this Jackson and not going sell or change it for a long time.

Yar Yar

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the poor guitar has been gathering dust! I've learnt a lot now I just need to learn a few songs!

stacey.j.miller.37 stacey.j.miller.37

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Began Learning Jan 2011. After learning Radiohead, High and Dry I felt accomplished

didiherch didiherch

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Worth the effort :)

evelyn_is_a_bee evelyn_is_a_bee

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 The first instrument I´ve learn to play. Always good memories

Soulvision Soulvision

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 Always wanted to learn to play the guitar but never found the time or patience to do so, and now i finally did. It started with a song i wanted to learn to sing so have been practicing untill i could sing it. Then i wanted to learn to play it, so I can accompany myself on the guitar. Therefor have been looking up the chords and some online tutorial and have been practicing untill i could. Still needs enough practice but im happy that i finally did it :)

trghoang trghoang

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I began my dream of playing guitar when I was a secondary school boy 

sahilkamra sahilkamra

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 Did it alone :) not giving up when things got boring

dont_stop_believing dont_stop_believing

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Έρωτας... γιατι ειναι η ικανοποίηση που νιώθεις όταν τελειοποιείς ένα πανδύσκολο κομμάτι ή όταν βλέπεις τους φίλους σου να τραγουδάνε στον ρυθμό σου... 

AliciaKuiper AliciaKuiper

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I started playing a few years ago but since a year I have been practicing more. Sometimes it can be very frustrating but it just takes a little time. I'm excited to keep learning more stuff on the guitar!


roastedsmoores roastedsmoores

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I have the basics down and can play well enough to accompany my own music and learn songs to sing to.


dorrahouse dorrahouse

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 I just recently took a guitar course and it's wonderful...

amzals amzals

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Brought a guitar and went to lessons at Napier boys high school. taught myself songs on utube. Baz brought guitar off me

claire.edwards.14606 claire.edwards.14606

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 Get a guitar (either Yamaha or Crafter TRV23) & learn to play



Got me a guitar and can play...albeit not perfect yet but still, I can play! :D

Naddi2805 Naddi2805

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 1. Semester an der Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik Aschaffenburg

guitargibbets guitargibbets

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I play and teach acoustic, electric and bass guitar.


EFVincenzi EFVincenzi

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I studied for 1 year

jennymack jennymack

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Learn to play guitar well enough to really sing along. 

zeroling17 zeroling17

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After 6 months of trying, I realize that i'm not a musical prodigy  


StandardDeviate StandardDeviate

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Got gifted a guitar from my musician friend, Lauren. I tried several times in the past and it never stuck. I learned piano as a kid but I had my parents pushing me. Learning an instrument on my own as an adult and not making any progress made me really appreciate having someone making sure you practice everyday. I picked it up during Covid-19 and practicing everyday so I wouldn't waste all my time on YouTube and Netflix. I've learned:

-Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (for Iris' birthday present)

-Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

-Linkin Park - Leave Out All the Rest

 -John Mayer - You're Gonna Live Forever in Me

-John Mayer - Stop This Train riff


-Post Malones - Circles

-Shawn Mendes - Senorita

-Imagine Dragons - Demons

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