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manifestasisanubari manifestasisanubari

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Got a keyboard and still learning! Wish me luck XD

Lindy_Bosman Lindy_Bosman

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 I want to finish my grade 8 piano exam this year :)

SavedByHim SavedByHim

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Piano is beautiful!

katelynelisa katelynelisa

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I learned to play piano when I was in middle school, and haven't stopped. Playing piano is a huge burden-lifter after a long, hard day, and it makes me feel...I don't know, whole again. I love it.


kiki1253 kiki1253

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one of the first instruments I learnt as a child. I was about 4 or 5 years old when I would walk to my next door neighbour's house with mum as the little old lady, who quickly became such an important part of our family, would sit with me and teach me the keys in the simplest way she were able to ... God rest her soul, she was such an important part of my life and is the reason I am in love with this particular instrument <3

jtrumpet83 jtrumpet83

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I am three semesters through four semesters I am required to study piano as a music major.

I just met my current goal: Learning to play "Opening" from Glassworks by Philip Glass. Played it through for the first time today!




doccycle doccycle

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23 success stories

Started lessons August 2012 and I practice almost daily and go approximately weekly.

It's a work in progress and a lot harder that I anticipated.

DaniB703 DaniB703

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112 success stories

I took Piano lessons in 7th grade with Katie Holcomb.

Siany121 Siany121

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I started playing the piano 2 1/5 years ago and now at grade 3. I actually love practicing and finding new music online!

Ratsy Ratsy

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63 completed goals

30 success stories

Always improving!



div_ya div_ya

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6 success stories

learnt from 2001-2011


dawn.elmore1 dawn.elmore1

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4 success stories

The hardest part about learning to play the piano was getting started.


nabeel.naved nabeel.naved

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 My Dad taught me when I was young and can play a few songs but need to learn how to read notes! 

roshriece.samuel.9 roshriece.samuel.9

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10 completed goals

9 success stories



queenofroxie queenofroxie

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10 success stories

I am not proficient by any means but I can tinker. Need to take more time to get better at this..

Cncgeek Cncgeek

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30 completed goals

15 success stories

I tried but didn,the get very far. I will probably try again. 


powdiddy69 powdiddy69

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9 success stories

Started in 2011. Got lessons from 2012 - 2013. Won the piano competition in my school in 2012, was the runner up in 2013. 


guitargibbets guitargibbets

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73 success stories

Started lessons last year, coming along pretty well.

thetraveler thetraveler

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11 success stories

 I know how to play the piano, i play it since I was 5

edwardking edwardking

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43 success stories

I self taught piano from about age 10 to 16 as there wasnt money for lessons. I did take lessons later, but I would recommend getting lessons earlier rather than later to anyone considering learning to play.

I finally reached a level of playing ability that I was happy with when I was able to play chopins piano concerto and a number of more strenuous rock piano scores.

I branched out into keyboards / synthesizers as they became more commonplace (and less expensive!) but still play both piano and keyboards.

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