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kildi kildi

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 Well not an expert, but can play a full song. More practice, more songs, more confidence to come :)

rissa_b rissa_b

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ngreensmith ngreensmith

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okaly okaly

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I found this a LOT harder than learning to play the guitar, but I just kept going, and now I can calls mysaelf as 'able to play it' even if i'm not too good yet

NobodysAingyl NobodysAingyl

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My mom teaches piano lessons, so when I showed interest as a kid, she taught me until I was 10. After that, I learned by myself, asking her to occasionally play a song for me so that I could hear what it was supposed to sound like. 

I never actually learned how to read all the symbols and timing on music sheets, so hearing the tempo and changes helped a lot. 

itsceleste itsceleste

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Passed Grade 6!

emilywjones emilywjones

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I can't remember if I got to Grade 1 or 2. Hm..

BespectacledFleur BespectacledFleur

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I used to have piano lessons as a child!(I was never really good, but I still know how to play!) 

DawnB DawnB

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My Story:

I took piano lessons for about a month when I was younger - not really long enough to learn anything significant. I also took an introductory piano class at my university. My boyfriend made fun of me because the most I could play was "Hot Crossed Buns." However, I technically did learn!

I've added "learn to play Fur Elise" to my bucket list. The ability to play that song - to me - would mean I've mastered the piano.

queenlinake queenlinake

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The first instrument I ever learned how to play. My parents really wanted me to learn how to play, that they had me learn how to read music before reading words.

nadzsb25 nadzsb25

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Teklado when I was 10.

Caren98 Caren98

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I still have leassons each week :)

harthaley828 harthaley828

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I took lessons for 5 years. I love it so much. I need to do more.

streetsofeden streetsofeden

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xiehabiyer xiehabiyer

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This is a challenge to me since I have short fingers. It's hard to extend them from one key to another! Haha! I'm just glad i already learned how to play the piano.


philene.pos philene.pos

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Al jaren heb ik een voorliefde voor muziek. M.n. pianomuziek. Het leek me geweldig als ik dit zelf kon spelen. 2 jaar geleden ben ik hier aan begonnen en nu heb ik dit afgerond.  

xrgaj xrgaj

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 I taught myselff at a young age, kept at it. built resources. deepened my research. built networks. and taught myself from reading books and having a good ear.

hf0ster hf0ster

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I've always had an ear for music so took piano lessons when I was 10 and I've played ever since, although don't always get as much time to play as I would like..


RBarington RBarington

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 Taking piano lessons for 6 years was one of the best gifts my parents ever gave me. I still enjoy playing piano to this day :) 

kubamichalek kubamichalek

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Now I create music with fantastic people

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