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cattt131231 cattt131231

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I absolutely love the ukulele, even if it kills the fingers on my left hand.


equestrianshe equestrianshe

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After a year of playing, I can say with confidence that I taught myself how to play ukulele.

EmmaTheSexyPeacock EmmaTheSexyPeacock

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Learning an instrument isn't really a one- time thing, in my experience. You start basic, and as you get more comfortable with it, work your way up and learn more complex things. I can currently play a lot of songs and sound pretty good, but I still have a lot of room to improve. I do love playing soprano ukulele in public because it seems to lift everyone's mood and make people smile :)

paulavacafff paulavacafff

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Aprendía tocar a mi (primer) ukelele, Camilla (bautizada por Alex, comprada por el señor y la señora Claus ) viendo tutoriales en youtube y en ukuleletabs  

aleh aleh

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It's easy to play! Only 4 strings!

Mais detalhes em português: Escrevi no meu blog um texto explicando um pouco da história do instrumento e o que me motivou a comprar um ukulele.


PickNchinks PickNchinks

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 Taught by Gemma at 3 in the morning when I got back from Germany

NovaHublers NovaHublers

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already did :)


Ctoote Ctoote

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 My first encounter with a ukulele was in summer of 2014. A friend of mine owned one, so I borrowed it and instantly fell in love with the little instrument. I later got one for myself in September of 2014 and actually have it right next to me right now! :D

carpediem-yolo carpediem-yolo

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I got one for my birthday about a year ago and I love playing! I love figuring things out so learning to play without a teacher was cool for me. My skin is super sensitive so I have to use a pick. 


StrawberryMopet StrawberryMopet

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Its like a tiny guitar :')

RawrImaGoat RawrImaGoat

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I have been trying to learn the uke since september last year. I'm pretty sure i can play now :LLhere it is:


jtrumpet83 jtrumpet83

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Learned it in a music education course this year.

Sidney_michelle Sidney_michelle

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It's really relaxing!


andreabilodeau andreabilodeau

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December 2013

bamabucketlist bamabucketlist

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i finally did it. i bought my 1st ukulele. i got a lanikai standard soprano at guitar center. it was like $54 and it's amazing!


songs/riffs learned:

smoke on the water

iron man


i still want a pineapple one though haha




guitargibbets guitargibbets

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In 4th Grade, our teacher (Mrs Laughton) played the ukelele. She agreed to teach any of us who wanted to learn.  About 10 of us took the lessons.  I remember learning two songs, The Ballad of the Green Berets and Blowin' in the Wind.  Yeah, she was well rounded. :~)


little.ladybug49 little.ladybug49

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I love playing ukulele!  


mfox mfox

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goodness knows i can't play anything now, but i was once able to struggle my way through 'somewhere over the rainbow'

kasia20_04_95 kasia20_04_95

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 I love ukuleles! I bought mine in May 2015 and i think we get on pretty well! <3 If you wanna learn how to play just grab a ukulele and... have fun! 

itsceleste itsceleste

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i own a cute purple makala!


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