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TheEbonyDove TheEbonyDove

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I Fell In LOVE with this remarkably sensitive...piece of living art when I was eight-years-old. I played it on my own terms since I was ten. And abruptly STOPPED because. . .I think my silly teenself wanted to make room for something else. I regret this choice...though I do not believe in regrets. I simply made a mistake. One I plan to rectify. Thus bringing me to yeild another bullet for my list: START PLAYING THE VIOLIN...AGAIN!


sandra_ursu@yahoo.com [email protected]

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 I learned to play the violin when I was 10 or 11 years old. I've always wanted to be able to play this instrument, I don't know why but I was always ​attracted to it. Played it constantly for 2 years, but  now I didn't play in a long time because I have to cut down my nails. Stil have it and know how to play a few christmas carols.

NobodysAingyl NobodysAingyl

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Can't play anymore, but I was pretty good for an elementary school kid.

crystal_thung crystal_thung

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I learned to play the violin just this year because I'm in orchestra. yay.

vic.emore.9 vic.emore.9

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 I love music <3

bitchfist bitchfist

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Did that in third grade 

lily.tilbury lily.tilbury

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Year 4.



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 I learnt to play the violin at school, managed to pass grade 1 and 2

JumpingSpider JumpingSpider

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Began learning the violin when I was 10 while playing in the school orchestra. Took lessons throughout middle/high school and was given first chair in high school.

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