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Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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 I learnt to drive a bike without training wheels when I was 5 years old

meldav0113 meldav0113

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 Ok, so my brother and I learned to ride bikes at the age of 4.  Is there anything better than the freedom of being on a bicycle?  I love this picture of my brother and I; I was four and he was three; we used to ride our bikes everywhere!  My favorite memories were riding our bikes near grandma Davis' house in Vici, Oklahoma and flying down the large hills, riding to the local convenient store for candy, and to our favorite parks in the area to play with cousins. The most fun we had was when we lived in Missouri; we sped around curves and up and down large hills, we would ride to go swim, to the local movie theater, and down to the Mississippi river to play.  We always made it home by dark, but we rode all day and had a lot of fun adventures!

Meghamala Meghamala

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Most unexpected thing! Didnt plan to do so.. Just got a chance cause of a great frnd😜 it was vry kind of him to teach me to ride nd I loved it!!😍 yess I can say proudly now!👻

Floppet Floppet

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Buy a Harley and constantly wear leather.

Okay so I did this, of sort. In England you have to past a CBT to be able to learn how to ride a bike, a CBT allows you to ride up to a 125cc engine size. I am now able to do this but, here's the problem, I hate it. 

I don't like how it feels on a bike on the road, not when I'm riding it. I love being passenger but being the rider is not for me.

Shame... I'd have looked good as a biker chick 


Fufski Fufski

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Diana taught me how to ride a bike when we were working on that wall painting in a small village for a little girl who love to sparkle.

amberdawn00 amberdawn00

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Learned during the summer of 2004

bamabucketlist bamabucketlist

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i don't remember learning how to ride a bicycle. i remember when i had training wheels and one of them hit a pot hole in my dad's driveway...i don't remember anything after that. hmm wonder if i got knocked out?


anyway! i do however rember learning how to ride a motorcycle. with no helmet, gloves, jacket, socks.. i was really squiding it up that day :) almost ran into a 6 ft. sewage drainage ditch too. that would have been bad... funny thing is when i finally got a helmet, later that same day, THAT'S when i crashed! it's been like 3 months and the road rash spot is still really tender.

gamezplayi gamezplayi

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Did it !!!!

catebrassington catebrassington

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 I learnt to ride when I was about 9. I was taught by my next door neighbours dad...he taught us both together round and round the park! I know it was the hottest summer we'd had!

Cyanlily Cyanlily

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I learnt to ride a bike in my local bike shop, Cycles UK. 

Untaintedbliss Untaintedbliss

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It took a lot of tumbles, abrasions, hesitation, near car accident but my Love didn't give up on me. =D

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