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bullfrogs-butterflies bullfrogs-butterflies

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I love my bike!! Honestly, no one sees you when you ride so be careful. Love the freedom and love to ride alone. 


ijonathanvs ijonathanvs

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A cool experience, you can feel alive when ride a motorcycle


ajkoickal ajkoickal

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Riding a Bike is close Enough for me as to Flying in the Sky :)

minnakin minnakin

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 My lovely little Trickster! It was fun while it lasted. :)

nima.tezman nima.tezman

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exciting and feeling freedom

brittanycude brittanycude

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January 12, 2010


shannachristen shannachristen

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 Learned to ride with a friend and bought a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250

papercutouchy papercutouchy

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 I got a permit and a bike but I need to get a license and take the class. I am nervous about the class.

rcra9010 rcra9010

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I really want to learn how to drive a motorcycle because its a cool skill to have like if you want to cruise around the country or just be a cool guy or a jerk and rev your bikes engine in front of people then go get one or if you have a motorcycle group that you ride with 


rsinha rsinha

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Learned it when I was a teenager and also took the California Motorcycle Safety Course when I moved here.


litlitDM litlitDM

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 I was forced to learn how to ride the motorcycle. It was the day of my birthday that i rode into a public and busy road. It was quite exhilirating knowing that there are so many experienced riders looking at me going so slow. But i don't really care. A year has passed since i'm riding the motorcycle, i've been in an accident once, and after that i am very very careful in driving especially in SRP (it is in Cebu, Philippines) where big trucks think that they are a race car.

Naryan Naryan

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I spent a few hours each day learning from a 15 year old at the orphanage I was volunteering at.  We'd take the family motorcycle and ride along the gravel road on the side of the mountain, practicing shifting though gears and controlling the bike.  On the weekend, I rented motorcycles with another volunteer and we took them out to ride around the base of the himalayas.  Got pretty good, to the point where I didn't stall.  Even picked up a lost hitch-hiking trekker and rode 2-up on the way back to Pokhara. 

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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My Favorite Thing To Do In The World<3  

caitlyn.murray.750 caitlyn.murray.750

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This one i have completed, for my 16 th birthday i decided i wanted a moped and decided to do my cbt test (and passed) and rode around on a moped for the summer, i loved it. My moped was the most unreliable thing in this world (i should of known when i brought it off of my brothers best mate) but i loved it while it lasted but i wanted to start driving a car. 


JStormer JStormer

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Bought a Kawasaki 3 clinder, 2 stroke bike just going into college. Loved riding it. didn't know squat about tuning it up/maintenance, so I learned a bit. Had the devil's own time getting the timing right. Almost sorry I finally did-- the power difference was nearly lethal! Caught me off guard & ended up doing a wheelie up the hill. Managed to get the tire down w/o issue, but it rattled my cage. I was afraid I'd wreck. After I got used to it (some) had a grand time roarng down the back roads around home. Not a picture of *my* bike, but it was one like it.


Nakaya Nakaya

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I believed I could, so I did!

To be honest, those were hard times for me. I wasn't sure with my skills and I thought I would never pass the exam. It costed me A LOT of nerves, lots of pain... But, I don't know, maybe because of luck or something, I just came there and I passed! Although the weather was terrible (it was freaking cold and very rainy), I managed to do it.

Now I own my very first sweet machine called "Zenyatta". Hehehe, we "move together in a harmony" :)

yannik yannik

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made my drivers license june 10th 2015

then bought my first motorcycle: suzuki gs500e


xenia_ina xenia_ina

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This one was a bit scary, but helped a lot that I wasn't doing it alone. :-)

starlover starlover

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 so my uncle let me ride on his motorcylce for the first

it was nice at first u know the wind going throw my hair

BUT then a herd of flies came aand that day i found flies EVERYWHERE

areilla10 areilla10

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I went from zero to zipping around the parking lot in 4th gear by the end of the weekend.  I took the Gearing Up motorcycle safety course offered through St. Lawrence College, mostly to catch a break on motorcycle insurance.  But now, I see this training as indispensible for anyone who wants to navigate city traffic on a motorcycle AND survive.  Mike, Ed, and Martha taught us the basic skills necessary to safely ride a motorcyle, including slow-speed manouevers, emergency braking, shifting effecrtively, etc.  The course is worth every penny.

Now I want to go dig my husband's old Enduro out of the garden shed and get it running again so I can bomb around on the property with it!  And I can't wait to get the Virago on the road. 

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