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My father grew up in Florida where he learned to sail and even used to sail to school. Throughout my childhood, our family vacations almost always involved renting a sail boat and sailing somewhere. I loved falling asleep below deck with the ocean gently rocking me back and forth and sitting on the bow with the wind in my face seeing nothing but ocean in front of me.

It's been quite a while since we've gone and since I was so young, I never did learn to do any of the sailing. So naturally, this is something I'd really like to learn at some point. 


July 27, 2013,

Took a sailing class last semester! It was soo much fun! Sailing is harder than it looks though. I think I've got tacking and knot-tying down and I learned more of the fancy sailing words like "jib" and "clew", but figuring out the steering in relation to the wind is still sort of hard I think, especially on smaller boats where you have to pull the tiller the opposite way that you want to turn, all while constantly being aware of which direction the wind is blowing to avoid tipping over or accidentially stopping when you don't want to.

I thought of a way to remember which side is port and which side is starboard though....

Port is the left (when facing forward) because p and l are letters that go together in mathematics (they're both commonly used to represent primes, for example p-adic vs. l-adic Langlands), and starboard is right because r and s are letters that go together in mathematics, (for example, as in Dirichlet's Unit Theorem).

Alternatively, I was thinking if I ever got my own sail boat, I could just keep a bottle of port on the left at all times... 

kellym kellym

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2008 toronto, ashbridges bay, 2nd whitesail..still need to learn alot more

arigby92 arigby92

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Sailed with my friend Marc at the MIT Boat House.  

thrillseaker thrillseaker

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Sailing is the best thing ever, i reccomend it to everyone! When you get a good wind and your flying along, theres nothing better!

jamie2003 jamie2003

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Basic sailing class lots of fun.


stephanieann stephanieann

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I've been in sea cadets for the past 5 years now and we have sail weekends at least once a year where we go out in sail boats and they teach you to sail. i got my level twos so far with sailing <3 such a fun experience!




picklesmith@rocketmail.com [email protected]

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I went to a sailing camp in Ithaca NY when I was 10 and 11. Besides the snobby yacht club kids, it was a cool experience. I learned how to steer, and how to tie a bunch of knots, and what the different types of boats are. The fancy ones are called Lasers. I remember because a snobby yacht club kid was whining about how he couldn't go in his new Laser and he was crying and he ended up getting his way because he's a dick. BAM ANOTHER ONE DONE

allisonrbaker allisonrbaker

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I learned to sail on catamarans.  Raced part of Rough Riders, then the boat broke.  Oh well.

Shalla001 Shalla001

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wind in my hair. The water splashing

I love sailing. It was a catamaran and i'm looking forward to sail again

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