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casefacekilla2 casefacekilla2

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Last summer I worked abroad in Salamanca, Spain.  Two young Spanish muchachos who gave salsa and meringue lessons often frequented our favorite hotspot/nightclub.  They loved teaching me and my colleague Vanessa for free, so we danced most nights away! 

Margitorsolya Margitorsolya

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Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Ruedaa :D

Martinezblue Martinezblue

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 Back in 2010, I actually went to a salsa club in Guelph. Before the club started, they offered free salsa lessons for an hour. So me and a few folks from Guelph gave it a try. This is was before iphones had video :P 

M@rin@ [email protected]@

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 Salsa este un dans energic si ma simt extraordinar cand dansez..Sunt mandra de mine ca am invatat sa dansez salsa.

katy.matthews3 katy.matthews3

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After watching Cuban Fury today I have decided that I need this sexy style of dancing in my life. Never too late to start something new

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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David and I went to Sol Cayo Coco  in Cuba, and while staying there we became good friends with a dancer named Alberto from the Entertainment team. He invited David and I to a club right of the resort. While we were there he took time to show David and I the steps to the Salsa and by the end of the night we had the entire dance down. We learned for free and had the most amazing time.

falloutgirl1356 falloutgirl1356

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Dance club!


littlemonster7 littlemonster7

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Not too bad at it, either. 

Chantalie Chantalie

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A friend of a friend teached me at a salsa club, it was a lot of fun and I picked it up really easily.


JulissaMarie4 JulissaMarie4

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It's amaizing! You feel alive!


MarieAbra MarieAbra

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payton.glanz payton.glanz

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When I went to Cali a family friend of ours took my mom and I to her instructors house to learn salsa, and he made delicious sandwiches and pasta for us too!

22justrite305 22justrite305

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In my blood.

DancingBadgerette DancingBadgerette

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Starting from 2009 - inspired by Rachel's new year's resolution, then I was the only one to stick to it.


doll.heather doll.heather

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Costa Rica, 2013


dearmariachi dearmariachi

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I've learned a bit of it and know the basics, but it is always good to learn more. 


basilmoons basilmoons

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 I really just want to learn how to ballroom dance... I'm taking it next marking period I think (we will see) so hapefully I will have acheived my goal before the end of the year!

2princess.vp 2princess.vp

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oooh yeah! 

livetothemaax livetothemaax

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Cool dance but I suck at it, it's really hard on your body if you don't have the right partner for it. 😒


Cesaripm Cesaripm

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Aprendí a bailar con mr Fino Noble en clínicas durante la escuela

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