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joanie.ayotte joanie.ayotte

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Rocher Percé, Gaspésie

fieldska fieldska

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I took a course at Michigan State University that introduced me to SCUBA. I then did my open water dives to complete my certification in Cozumel, Mexico. I've been diving several times since then and love it! I did also dive on a study abroad trip to Australia (at the Great Barrier Reef) in 2007 but it was just a discover SCUBA course and I'm not too certain I really knew how to SCUBA well at the end of the day...and I certainly didn't know how to clear my ears appropriately (they were killing me for at least a couple days)!

jeremyhope101 jeremyhope101

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 What an awesome and extraordinary experience this was.

Im so glad to have learned to scuba at Phi Phi Island

kacey.sparacio kacey.sparacio

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 05/21 My sister Kelly and I have taken scuba diving classes but need to do our live dives. Those will be scheduled shortly and then we will be certified!!!

07/01 Completed our last set of live dives today and became officially scuba certified! MEXICO HERE WE COME!

dolcevita dolcevita

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I traveled alone to Krabi/Ao Nang, Thailand on December 23, 2013. Signed up for scuba lessons. Was open water certified on December 25, 2013.


Kellie Kellie

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Went on vacation to Grenada and thought it's now or never to do this.  I'm terrified of deep water so this was a very big deal.  So proud of myself that I actually did this to get over my fear...only because I had a top notch instructor one on one. Turns out I really enjoyed it!  I'll do it again!


leighlouisepope leighlouisepope

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Done a full course just need to do the finished test :) 

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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I was scared of scuba diving. But I did it with an instructor, at the beginning I was too scared and had to go up, after three attempts I said I'd give up but my instructor convinced me I could do it. On the fourth attempt I was able to do it. It was amazing. My second dive (the same day) we swam with sharks, it was incredible.


SurfSnoSkr SurfSnoSkr

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Introductory scuba dive through the kelp forest at Catalina Island 

17036 17036

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We took a discover scuba class with Lancaster scuba class today. It is a weird sensation having to remember to breathe, which is what I had to do because mouth breathing doesn't come easily for me. It is challenging, but I definitely want to continue lessons so I can become open water certified.... Fingers crossed.

dangarama dangarama

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Scuba diving was as awesome as I hoped. Aside from my tendency to randomly ascend rapidly for some unknown reason, I was pretty confident by the end.

A year on and I havent dived again - maybe next year when Im back living in somewhere that has oceans. I can see myself doing a dive holiday to Thailand or somewhere. :)


noleenhemish993 noleenhemish993

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And a bonus! Was the instructor was yummy looking!!! (",)

Renavon Renavon

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Learn To Scuba Dive and dive to a wreck

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6748255601/

sarahsaucier sarahsaucier

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Not many people can say that they have done this and I love the water and being able to stay under it longer makes it even better. I learned when I was 15. Scuba diving is really fun!

xxgina1xx xxgina1xx

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i've got the course I just need to get round to doing it! 

robe_less robe_less

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It is an amazing completely unique and different world that lies just beneath the surface. The surf hides a life so alien to us that would be unbelievable unless experienced with your own eyes. Scuba diving is far beyond just swimming with fish, it's immerging yourself into a world far beyond your imagination.


When I made the decision to learn to dive I did it with the hope to just find a hobby to keep me busy on the weekends; but instead I found a Love unlike I have ever experienced.


Scuba diving opened my eyes to the fact that nature is truly exciting to say the very least. It is dramatic, it is beautiful, it is strange, it is amazing, it is strong and it is fragile. It is something to love and something to protect.


It is safe to say that I have fallen in Love with diving and will continue to do it until my body will allow me to.



Diving has brought a joy to my life unlike any other, AND I have met some truly amazing people.










dirtydavid dirtydavid

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I got into this by accident when a friend took me on holiday to the Maldives.

I did a few dives in the Maldives in Easter 2000 then passed my first qualification on Christmas eve 2000

vejea5 vejea5

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I learnt to scuba dive in Fiji in 2013.

Sheryl1512 Sheryl1512

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Whilst on honeymoon, after our week long cruise. 

RossD RossD

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When the instructor tells you not to do your first dive hungover, just obey.  No matter how much fun that party you're at is, or how hot the girl you're talking to appears to be, or how much peer pressure your buddy with the hands full of tequila shots is putting on you.  Just don't do it.  The amount of fun you have the night before is an inverse correlation to the amount of asphyxiation-induced-terror you're about to have the next morning when you vomit into your regulator 50' below deck. Yeah, I think that about covers this one.

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