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ckay_productions ckay_productions

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I wanted to do Twisty from American Horror Story: Freakshow but no story knew what I was talking about. If they did know, they didnt have it. So i decided to teach myself how to sew. Difficult than it looks. Not the best twisty costume but it was ok for my first try and the time I had to do it in.


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Learned how to sew in high school in the 1970's.  One of the best things I ever did and everyone should know how to do it.

darbren darbren

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 I was asked if I could sew hadn't in 25 yrs 9th grade home economics but I brushed up and did well!!!

larrygirl4444 larrygirl4444

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My dress I sewed. One of the many things i've made since then


stephanie.draut stephanie.draut

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 My step grandmother is a great seamstress and would make me things as a kid allll the time. So i slowly but surely learned from her. And also from having to fix my things or my familys things. From that i got better  and am now the seamstress in the family. My mom can do basic stitches but has no idea how to use her sewing machine. I have thus taken over the sewing machine ha

ohairobin ohairobin

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I taught myself how to sew 3 years ago. One day I was literally sitting around upset that my favorite sweatshirt had so many holes and wanted to finally do something about it. I went to Joanns grabbed some supplies and after a lot of needle to finger poking I made an absolute mess of my sweatshirt...

I never gave up though and kept going day after day. I now have a small sewing business and make all sorts of items for shops and events and have a wonderful fan base. <3 Never give up or be afraid to try something new. Even if you fail your 1st or 1,000 time. Keep going. Keep learning.


jmil5740 jmil5740

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Learned when i 10 

xolily xolily

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Used a sewing machine to make an outfit for Vanessa and made a blanket for Emilio 


Mariray Mariray

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First skirt sewn by myself! Very nice experience

TianaM TianaM

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 So, I bought these pair of jeans to match with my daughter's and they literally broke the same day. I was under the assumption my mom would fix them... even though she never agreed to, haha. But with my mom walking me through it all, step by step, I learned to sew on this damn button :-)

HisameArtwork HisameArtwork

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Very useful life skill :P 

chrismeza_red14 chrismeza_red14

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 I was first introduced to sewing by my grandmother at the age of 7. She honestly didn't know how to sew or at least not by any book or by any professional grade. In any case it never stopped her from making anything for any of us. Her love was fierce and it showed with every stitch. As a child I would sit with her at the kitchen table fumbling through her cookie tin full of thread and fabric. Years later, present day, almost two years since her passing I've taken her basic skills and turned them into an everyday hobby where I make my own clothes, repairs, and knick knacks. I make nothing for profit it's for my pleasure and my loved ones enjoyment, just as she had.

isabel.lily.doshi isabel.lily.doshi

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I love to sew. I sewed a dress and made a bag. It is hard at first and can be very frustrating. You have to keep moving forward.


1. Practice first on scrape fabric 

2. When you are able to make lines whether they are straight or not try to make a pillow. I suggest to make a pillow first because you flip it inside out so you won't see your lines, so if they are not straight you won't be able to tell.

3. Use pins for times when you have to sew a long time without turning.



123bliss 123bliss

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i took textiles in high school so i learnt then and i have only recently been sewing again its quite fun and useful 

Soulvision Soulvision

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 There was a costume ball coming and i couldn't find anything to wear so decided to make an outfit myself. After figuring out how to sew (because i had no clue .. lol). The end result was a silver colored mc hammer pants with a matching silver halter top and a black face covering veil attached to a tiara. I remember i amazed myself with the end result, didn't even know that i could do that, but have been wearing it with pride.  When i got my baby boy i did the same for him and made him some cute little outfits :)

sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 I learned to sew a long time ago but I am DEFINITELY not a professional. I have gone to a sewing camp and that helped with the skill. It is a fun way to wind down after a hard day at work or school and I think of it as an accomplishment every time.

carpediem-yolo carpediem-yolo

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I've been sewing for several years now - I've also had small busnissess selling what I sew. 


keejoa keejoa

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nanakulizchick nanakulizchick

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fixing military equipment, had to learn on the go!

Lunariona Lunariona

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Fashion class!

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