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TheMargorita TheMargorita

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For Christmas of 2012 I asked for a gift card to the gun range and got it.  It was fun and exciting and I've continued to do it, as often as I can afford the ammunition.

rsinha rsinha

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Learned it way back. I love shooting :)


FirstLast FirstLast

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 I did it!! I was very nervous at first, but then I realized the instructor had a lot of experience with people like me. My hands were shaking like crazy though. And so I shot the first bullet, and heard the first gunshot. I quickly became addicted to the feeling, the rush and the excitement that come with holding a gun. It was amazing. After firing all the bullets the 50$ price I had to pay for the initiation included, the policeman helping me gave me back my cardboard target. I was very proud of myself, even more so after seeing my friend's! hahaha

gloriemy.santiagobenitez gloriemy.santiagobenitez

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No estaba en mis planes pero las cosas que no se planifican son las mejores que salen. Fue una de las cosas más arriesgadas que he hecho en mi vida. Toda una experiencia.


chickchawterritory chickchawterritory

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Full clip. No misses. Hand me the Buddweiser

LauraM LauraM

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Shot a Ruger SR-22 today. Had a lot of fun! Managed to hit the bullseye on my third set. My son said I can brag. ;) Awesome first gun to shoot as there is minimal kick to it.









WanderingWendee WanderingWendee

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 I grew up in Alaska.  I can kill a pop can with 1 eye open!

OrcaSpitt OrcaSpitt

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Trapshooting, July 27th.   13/25.

sguthreau sguthreau

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This was a blast! Love shooting it’s awesome! I really enjoyed doing it with my wife too! She was scaredy-cat but did really great!  

karin.sandberg.82 karin.sandberg.82

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Did it at the KPK

Toripickle5 Toripickle5

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Shot guns with the family at Thanksgiving

Duppsette Duppsette

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I am afraid of guns, and would like to learn how to shoot one so I can no longer be afraid of them. 

lolalu42 lolalu42

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beryl beryl

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shot three different guns.



Shandango Shandango

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I had always had a fear of guns, so I decided to learn how to use one. I love it! completed my CCW.

jerome.nome.1 jerome.nome.1

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It was pathetic and I needed help from multiple people but I did it and no one or thing got hurt.

templedeer templedeer

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8/12/13. With Steve at Pistol People

schipman schipman

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Learned to that with my Dad when I was 12 to 14 yrs of age

cherdolan cherdolan

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I shot a Glock today .I was so nervouse and startled by the huge kick back. This was a awesome way to celebrate our 21st anniversay,Dinner at "Sullivan's Steak House" and shooting.

hibisca hibisca

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When I was at camp with my best friend, we went to the riflery range, and she owning a family ranch, taught me to shoot. And I got 3/5 bull's eyes on my first turn! The only downside is that she got 5/5, but oh well practice makes perfect!

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