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Laure96 Laure96

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The first time I skied I was 4 years old. We went skiing every year with our family, including my grandfather and grandmother, who are still skiing! But when I was 12 I wanted to try something new, so I started snowboarding.

bienfaitpierrecharles bienfaitpierrecharles

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5 tries in an indoor ski facility in Holland and the real mountain experience on the photo. Even managed to do a helicopter drop. Amazing!!

haythameyd haythameyd

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I've done it in Sarajevo, over the Olympic mountain. It felt great, with couple of funny tripping caught on video :)


Della77 Della77

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Learnt to ski on windham mountain in upstate New York in jan 2013 , on first day sking I must hav fell 1000 times, but was great fun

AngieJolie AngieJolie

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I wanted to visit Switzerland, experience the husky sliding... but they were tired...so my second choice was learning the basics of skiing

DanielleBeazley DanielleBeazley

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Visited the Omni Hotel in Hot Springs.  (Groupon!) Learned the basics of skiing from simple instruction.  For a first timer, it was nice to go later in season.  There were only 3 couples there.  Relaxed with some Buttered Rum.  A great time!

lisa515 lisa515

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Around 1992.  I was dating Sean Featherstone.  I came home from a trip out of town and he surprised me with a spontaneous trip to the snow and told me he was going to teach me how to ski.  No formal lessons.  He said, basically, "you'll fall a lot, and then you'll figure it out."  He was right.  I did.  And I loved it.  Later, I taught all three girls how to ski.  But they got the benefit of a lesson, fell far fewer times, and learned quicker than I did!

bluenwild bluenwild

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Downhill skiing of course. :) I love it, it's SO much fun.


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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2001: Trip w/Pederson's


Mascha Mascha

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The first day of skiing, we went all to the top of the mountain... my friends said I could do that and that it was easy. O my god, it was NOT easy! Some parts were very steep! I got muscle aches for 3 days!! 

But afterwards I am really proud at myself :)!

justcallmeroy justcallmeroy

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I am very afraid of travelling on snow, I wanted to face this fear head on and i did. i went down the medium hill after only learning an hour before. It was fun and it did hurt when I fell down. :)


TalishevskayaD TalishevskayaD

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 For almost all my life I thought that mountains are not for me. Even despite the fact that my parents adore skiing and prefer to have a rest in winter in the Alps.

2,5 years ago I met my husband who also was skiing...

That was the final punch for me to learn. And the most surprising thing was that I liked it!

erinxcallan erinxcallan

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Never skiing again. 

rcra9010 rcra9010

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It would be cool to learn how to ski or snowboard because i rode on longboards and i feel like it would be the same thing except without wheels 


Gbh914 Gbh914

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Learn to ski in Tahoe!


LGhaznawi LGhaznawi

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I had an indoor lesson for one hour and it was something different and totally unexpected. It's difficult if you're overweight as you need to learn to jumb a little with the heavy shoes sliders and also opening my legs wide was difficult for me as I was afraid to break my bones!! If you want to do something that will make you forget whatever you're going through, this lesson would do!


wideeyedanddreaming wideeyedanddreaming

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Seonaidrevie1 Seonaidrevie1

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Working in Austria in February, hope to learn to ski before then to make the 4weeks I'm there even better!

hmcdonough46 hmcdonough46

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When i was 15 i learned to ski and snowboard. I broke my shoulder in two places on the snowboard... i will be skiing from this point forward

Gabelle Gabelle

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I went to one lesson of Ski school, I still remember some of the pointers.

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