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lillcorran lillcorran

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Skiing/snowboarding...same challenge...done! 


Laure96 Laure96

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In 2010 I started snowboarding. I've had some classes in Austria and I loved it. Now I'm still snowboarding and loving it. I'm going every year to Austria with my family or with my school. Always learning and improving my skills!



TopFrog TopFrog

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Snowboming 2016


andu_r26 andu_r26

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 Although I broke my legs.

stephanie.frencheater stephanie.frencheater

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was great i think i need to go one more time lol  

Maggie664 Maggie664

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Andorra 2011 two weeks playing in the snow

katielhoward10 katielhoward10

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My fantastic boyfriend taught me how to snowboard this past winter in Massanutten, Va. After catching on quickly he took me almost every weekend until the season was over. I had a blast!!!! and I cannot wait until next winter to continue boarding! (:


c.p.houlton c.p.houlton

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8 hours training session at Chill Factor E in Manchester.

Learnt the basics up to intermediate level. 

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I took a trip up with my classmates to big mountain montana. That was my first time ever Snowboarding. The next day I was so sore! Since then I have had season passes and at one point could kind of do rails and jumps. I haven't gone in years its so expensive now! 

jemelabourne jemelabourne

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Learnt while working up Mt Ruapehu 

claywhill claywhill

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I've always wanted to learn how to snowboard ever since the first time I watched the Winter Olympics. I decided to work at Keystone Ski Resort as a Lift Operator so I could be able to learn for free and earn money while doing it. Today was an awesome day.  

Alexandro Alexandro

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Bought my Snowboard in summer 2010, and when winter came, the first thing I did was hitting the slopes :D Learned to Snowboard in 5 days...It was freakin' great feeling :D

jenn102355 jenn102355

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ive gone 5 times already my first season and i plan on doing a lot more the next season

raphaeldpm raphaeldpm

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Beerpig Beerpig

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Had always wanted to learn to snowboard and finally got round to it. It's fab!


wnicola wnicola

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It was quite hard, the first three days I was so exhausted and felt pain everywhere and I thought I will never make it, and then suddenly it got easier and after a week it felt like flying :)

It was awesome!!


skiwavestxi skiwavestxi

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Love it

DaniB703 DaniB703

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I learned to snowboard when I was in 7th grade ski club.

scotthelle scotthelle

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CorinneOnTheRoad CorinneOnTheRoad

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 I am not really good in snowboarding, but its pretty cool! 

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