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wjdslimjim wjdslimjim

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I learned how to surf with my girlfriend in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.  $25 for a lesson and board to surf on all day.  The beach is called Playa Maderas and it was a great beach to learn to surf. 

Here is a video of my time in San Juan Del Sur.  The surfing starts about halfway through.

alastiwka2 alastiwka2

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So much fun! it was thrilling and yet not too fast, it was zen yet intense. You get tried but you just wanna keep going because it is so much fun!


runyararoc20 runyararoc20

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eric.fagan.35 eric.fagan.35

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In Coronado, California my sister and I learned how to surf. I managed to get it on the first couple of tries. 

atle.frydenlund atle.frydenlund

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 A bit too small waves for my tasting and I am not sure I can call me a surfer yet but I tried and managed to catch a wave or two.

LianaFlanders LianaFlanders

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 I have surfed with the help of my cousin, Kelsey once. I would love to learn more and go further with this bucketlist item but I technically can check this one off the list

jess.eden jess.eden

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Brilliant, managed to stand up straight away!

Laure96 Laure96

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I first took a lesson in surfing in Domburg, Netherland.

This is one of the surfspots in Holland. The waves aren't as big as you see in the movies, but they were big enough to learn some surfing. First I had chosen a bad day for surfing, because there were no waves. Second time I came around the waves were quiet big for a beginning surfer. I've had a lot of fun and a few days later I rent a surfboard and tried it on my own.

For sure I will keep trying to handle it and teach some tricks. For me it wasn't a sport I could handle directly, but that keeps me motivated and gives me some challenging effects.

iulia.rasinar iulia.rasinar

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Learn basics about surfing in Galicia. It was so much fun that I have to go there again. 

workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 Great experience! Definitely Recommend!

modonnel83 modonnel83

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Tofino, BC -- August 2013 

Yar Yar

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Amazed I was able to stand on the board! Brilliant experience!

rootke02 rootke02

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Australia- Gold Coast 2009


vildefs vildefs

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 Taught how to surf in Hoddevika, Norway, and also got another lesson in Byron Bay, Australia. Love to surf, but it's soo hard! But it's absolutely worth it, when you make your first wave! (The photo is from Byron) 

carina.maria carina.maria

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Was an cool experience, would do it again. Our instructor was a fun guy and the waves in Tenerife were just right

angelabakker1998 angelabakker1998

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I've learned the basics (:


smdantas smdantas

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Well, almost there. But I already stand up on the board! :D

lilmissmallory lilmissmallory

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Learned to surf for my friend's 15th birthday party. It was okay, but involved a lot of falling and a lot of tumbling in waves and getting water in your nose. In short, it may be a fun sport for some, but not for me.  

Chloe88 Chloe88

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 I shouted "COWABUNGAAAA" on the one (and only time) i managed to stay upright on my board :)

squishsquish squishsquish

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In Barbados - such a great place to learn! 

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