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Smiz Smiz

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life skill! being a country girl surrounded by water this was a MUST 

ZoZo ZoZo

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I have been learning to swim for two years now and I am starting to get pretty good at it. I can swim the length of the pool by myself (15 metres). I really like swimming. My teachers have moved me from the Tadpoles, to the Sea Horses and now to Sea Turtles.


Blyons Blyons

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Okay, I'm going for it. I ensured all our kids learned to swim. For some reason I and hubby never did. :-/ I' tried once in Jr. High, but was traumatized and never tried since. It's time t get over it.  Doing it!! this is so much fun. I'm trying to encourage friends and family to start their own bucket list. It's so much fun checking off my goals. :-D  Living Life To The Fullest!


Kat140615xx Kat140615xx

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3/09/2012 - I was petrified of the idea of learning to swim, As a child i had bad experience of nearly drowning, But someone close to me back in 2012 said you cannot fear it for the rest of your life, After 3 attempts in the pool, I learned how to swim, Even though i am still Nervous. I can now swim. 

lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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 As parents do, they bring you to swimming lessons as a young kid.

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I learned to swim as a child at the wishes of my mother, Betty J. Turner 

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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I learnt to swim when I went to primary school in North Wales and for 6 weeks, we were took swimming just down the road to help us improve our swimming ability which is exactly what it did. Within a couple of weeks of swimming in the little pool, I was able to swim without anyone helping me and with the more practice I had, the more I got stronger at swimming. 

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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March 2012 with Adam


Sarahnotalan Sarahnotalan

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 My hubby taught me aged 38 whilst on holiday in Florida at the Old Key West resort.....I am sooooooo happy!

marydelta marydelta

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 I flunked my swimming test in junior high and so had to take remedial swimming and I'm glad because I'm a much better swimmer as a result! 

Mikachu Mikachu

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 I was one of those who thought that I couldn't float. It took practicing with a lifejacket and salt water to finally convince me that I could. Varadero, Cuba was where I saw in the ocean like a fish. It was amazing

ummikaulitz ummikaulitz

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@ Carleton Uni

SophieBurdon28 SophieBurdon28

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Even got my honors!

maheshnlj maheshnlj

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Life long wish. Numerous attempts. 


Finally did it with consistent daily visits to the pool for a month and watching swimming videos at the pool and trying to mimic and I finally did swim.

amod0017 amod0017

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 Not a very good swimmer but still I can swim now. Need to practice more.

colorsomeskies colorsomeskies

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Dec 1- Was at the rec with my friend when a 'loa shi' came up to us and taught us how swim within an hour. Amazing teacher and great guy.

I was afraid that I'd forget how to swim some couple days after but I went back and I still remember! So now I could swim :)

SunshineBreeze SunshineBreeze

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I love swimming. When I go to the pool or to the beach I just LOVE the water and when I finally get to swim, " it's the time of my life!"XD. I don't really remember learning how to swim, just that it was awsome after I achieved it.

ktd_01 ktd_01

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Fear of water....OVERCOME!!...well almost :-P

Biggest challenge was overcoming my own subconscious's continuous monologue telling me I was going to drown.

reneeraitt reneeraitt

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i taught myself how to swim . i started by swimming with one hand / arm. hahha

roshriece.samuel.9 roshriece.samuel.9

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im now an excellent swimmer

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