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redolenthxrry redolenthxrry

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It's not a huge accomplishment for me, but I still did it. My cousin taught me to swim by throwing me into the deep end of the pool, how fun. 


jonli418 jonli418

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BerryLink BerryLink

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I was really young.

DaanRutten DaanRutten

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Learnt to swin a long time ago when i was a lot younger.


orirojo orirojo

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jgehret jgehret

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 doesn't everyone

emgracewv emgracewv

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 I love the water!!!

priyankakamra1909 priyankakamra1909

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 Feeling wonderful for completing this dream of mine

sully003 sully003

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 when i was a kid.

ihcquake1996 ihcquake1996

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I learned to swim this summer!

joe_ joe_

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 learned when i wa 5

soma.chan1 soma.chan1

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السباحههه شي تااااني سعااادههه

crazygirl_8100 crazygirl_8100

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I fear water but that was fun! I'm not an expert swimmer but if shipwrecked, I'll float :D 

milady_585 milady_585

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I swim since I'm child

AliceMoon AliceMoon

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 I learned when I was 4. I guess that early contact with the water made me love it. It's a great feeling to be able to swim. In the water everything bad seems to go way and you feel lighter, like the weight of your problems gets lifted off of you. It is an incredibly peaceful experience for me.

Goals4Life Goals4Life

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 I couldn't swim to save my life but now im swimming competitively and happily! Trust me, its all worth it! You'll be left with, happiness and the feeling of feeling safe bcz u can swim.

jbjellybean jbjellybean

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I had a challenge learning to swim, as when I was very young, I consistently developed ear infections whenever I would take swimming lessons.  It was only when I was 9 and had essentially outgrown those problems, that I was able to finally progress and properly learn to swim.  Swimming is one of my favourite physcial activities, it is so relaxing and refreshing, and being in the water is such a freeing experience.  It is definitely one of the best physical activities to learn!

Jeminigirl2015 Jeminigirl2015

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After a terrible experience in school, it was not until I turned 30 did I decide to face the fear.  On previous holidays I would not even sit by the edge of a pool dipping my toes in the water for the fear of someone slipping and knocking me in the pool accidentally.

I am by no means a good swimmer - but at least I will now get in the pool to cool off whilst on holiday! 

COMamabear11 COMamabear11

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 YMCA lessons as a kid

Agnes Engdahl Agnes Engdahl

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I was in swimming school when I was 5, and actually was on the front page of a newspaper for learning to swim. 

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