Make a rainbow cake

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GuttersnipeRebecca GuttersnipeRebecca

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Made a carnival swing-rainbow-cake for my sons 10th Birthday ;) tasted sooooo good

louisevaa louisevaa

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Made this cake for my niece's 4th birthday last year. Took some time to bake each of the colour.


hilda.satherberg hilda.satherberg

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An easy and fun thing to do! So I'm just gonna do it for my sisters birthday.

Done: I did one for my sister and it turned out GREAT, was fun to do and everybody appreciated it. Wasn't even that hard!! :D


jbenj96 jbenj96

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 Was more towards a pastel coloured cake but nevertheless it was devoured rather quickly :) 

Dipskaur Dipskaur

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I made a Rainbow cake for Parri's 12th birthday & Mahi's 10th birthday! 

AniyA AniyA

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 Kaylee and Lauren missed my birthday so we celebrated at Kaylee's house to make it up. We got a bunch of different cake mix colors and put them in the pan. It came out really cool and it looked tie dyed.

kajalk kajalk

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Bab's 17th Birthday! 

GloomyDonkey GloomyDonkey

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I would love to make a rainbow layered cake - even if it's just from a boxed set as I always think they are really fun!  

Update: We made the cake for a family bbq and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! It was excellent fun putting the different layers together :) 

cjchope1 cjchope1

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My goal was to challenge myself to make a 6 layer cake by using dyes to make each layer and to also color the icing!  This was a cake for my dear friend Jeannie celebrating 27 years of Sobriety! 


row.azland row.azland

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I made it for tom and tisya on her 11th birthday and his 28th birthday. 


LadyLynn LadyLynn

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 I made my friend a birthday cake and decided to try something different as a surprise.

alastiwka2 alastiwka2

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First off, i am a trained baker. So I already had an idea what to do. The hard part was figuring out batter quantities for each pan, and a good recipe. I had to go all the way across the city to find disposable pans with flat vertical sides. That and i discovered that my Gel paste colours worked a lot better then any food colouring. It took a few trial runs, but in the end of the day, I had a cake to remember!

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 This was so time consuming! Plus both of us messed up a lot along the way. I made the mistake of not buying enough ingredients, and terrible food dye that didn't work. My boyfriend frequently dropped everything. We were a disaster of a team but eventually, after hours of work, we made a very average looking but quite tasty rainbow cake. 

Some advice for myself or anyone else who attempts to make this cake in the future, use gel food colouring. And the amount of ingredients you need is what you think you need plus more. As you can see, the colours on my cake aren't the best and we had to cut the layers in half and stack them to make the layers thicker. This was my first try colouring a sponge cake, so I wouldn't call this a total failure! The pink layer is gel colouring, the rest regular food dye, and often times the colour I dyed it is not the colour it came out as...the 'purple' layer was actually make with red food dye that turned out a completely different colour after baking. I will definately attempt this again sometime with my hard learned baking knowledge, perhaps next summer when I have time. 

RachelLouise84 RachelLouise84

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Probably the first and last Rainbow cake I make..... although it was enjoyed, it was tedious and maybe I need to be more organized when I do it next.

Its worth a try, you really need the same size cake pans, and to have time to do it, as opposed to trying to fit it in between coaching 2 basketball games, a baby shower and then a 40th..... But in the end i called it a

HannaDenise55 HannaDenise55

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I woke up this morning, opened my pinterest page, and the first thing I saw was a rainbow cake. I knew it was on my bucketlist, so I took it as fate and started the process as soon as I finished my breakfast. I had no idea how to make this cake, and I didn't follow any recipes! It was really simple, and the final product is cute, and perfect for a pre-Easter snack for my family and roommate! 


megancarson9 megancarson9

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It looks awful but tasted decent

melissa.konomi melissa.konomi

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I baked a rainbow cake with a friend and it costed us more than 3 years to do it but in the end it got payed off. That was so delicious!

shanfly87 shanfly87

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 I made a rainbow cake for St. Patty's day... It was really time-consuming but so good and so worth it!

KayKayG KayKayG

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My brother's birthday cake. First attempt of giant cupcake rainbow style 

natas92xx natas92xx

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Its really fun to make. And its a good feeling when youre done.

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