Make a rainbow rose

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imnursejennie imnursejennie

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I failed at this several years ago due to a panic attack. Michael passed. We are going on vacation to California in April and I want to have my certification. I am not even sure we will want to go diving in the Pacific, but I want it to be an option.


asmita.ramsook.5 asmita.ramsook.5

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It wasn't as easy as it looks but It was all worth the fun :D !!!!!! It was one great experience ♥♡

aja.fewell aja.fewell

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did make it but i bought one 


leelee8814 leelee8814

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Too cool not to try.

It was a bit weird I posted this goal on this site and then a week later I received a bouquet of white roses from a friend. Opportunity had presented itself immediately. It took a few attempts to get it right, but very pretty once it was finished! Not exactly life changing so I only gave it 3 stars. I would still recommed everyone trying it because it's simple and quite pretty/cool to watch it change colors.

warrior_mik warrior_mik

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 first time I used normal color for painting. But flower died. Second time I used food color. 

And this is what  happened. I gave flower to my beloved sweety, She wasn't surprised.  But it's not matter.

no1ginuwine no1ginuwine

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 Wasn’t as cool as I imagined 

kacey.sparacio kacey.sparacio

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 I use to sell rainbow roses when I worked for and I always thought it would be a fun project especially with my daughter. I have looked in the stores for fresh white roses but they always seemed to be wilting already. Finally saw a few fresher ones at Trader Joes so I decided to stop putting it off and give it a shot! The soaked up the color pretty well but wilted quickly. Next time I will order very fresh ones from a florist with larger stems!

JemmaB JemmaB

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Well I at least attempted this. Last weekend I got a white rose and cut the stalks into four bits and put each bit in water with different colour food colouring. For some reason only the blue came through but it was still a nice effect. Photo to follow!

And here's the photo![email protected]/8562953444/in/photostream


emmatbunnie emmatbunnie

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it died

flux flux

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It was blue and yellow on a white rose, very nice. It's funny :)

In fact, the colors were cut in two partie of the rose, not mix but it was beautiful :)

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