Make a snow angel

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Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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We did it with a friend middle of the night in the city when first snow had arrived

Melissa B Melissa B

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 My daughter and I; side by side made a little and big snow angel.

natas92xx natas92xx

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Make a snow angel. Ive always wanted to do that.

Nicy Nicy

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♥ schon als Kind -  und heute immer noch: D


lydiavie lydiavie

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winter in Greece

megancm megancm

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Thanks to my friends randomly telling me to lay down in the snow

Tammy_1968 Tammy_1968

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I live in Georgia.  Way down south in Georgia (like 30 miles from Tallahassee Florida).  So it doesn't snow that far south.  It just rains a lot in the winter.  I have always wanted to play in the snow.  This year 2013, my daughter brought me to Canada for the birth of her first child.  February 28, 2013 I turned 45 and found myself three feet deep in snow!  I was determined to have a photo of this memorable moment.  I went out the door, lost my shoes in the snow and it was so cold I just ran and did it because if I stopped to find my shoes and waited, I would have gone back inside to the comfort of the warmth!  SO ... crossed this off my bucket list!  WHOHOOOOOO!!!

Praise5050 Praise5050

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harpreet harpreet

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I did this on a beautiful snowy day in January 2018, in our new home, in the garden, whilst my husband recorded my not-very-graceful fall back. Better still, it turned into a snow day from work!

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I have made hundreds of these! One year I am going to make a snow angel naked!

ktroo ktroo

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Tazni Tazni

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It looked awful but it's the effort that counts :)

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